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An online betting bonus offers punters in India a great way to place their bets with an extra boost to their betting balance. That's why online bookies ensure their platforms have these offers to help attract new customers. They're also used to help retain existing members on the various sites. 

With so many online betting platforms available these days, a sports betting bonus promotion plays a major role in enabling bettors to choose where to sign up. A big online betting bonus is sure to enhance your overall experience, and that's why we always keep an eye out for sites offering them.

In this guide, we've taken the time to clarify what an online betting bonus is, whether you should claim them, and what the fine print truly means for you. Read on to get a clear picture of what a betting bonus in India is all about.

What Is An Online Sport Betting Bonus?

When it comes to claiming offers, online sports betting bonuses in India are some of the easiest to claim. Besides this, using them is also a hassle-free experience that even newbies can get on board with in no time.

Without going too far, a sports betting bonus is a financial boost to enable you to make more bets. These can come in a variety of forms, ranging from a small ₹200 boost to as high as double or even triple your deposited amount.

The most common sports bonus type you’ll come across is the free bet. Such an offer can either be awarded as part of the platform’s loyalty scheme or as the bookmaker’s welcome promotion for new members.

With a free bet, you will be able to make a wager on a specified event without using your own money. Should your prediction be successful, you get to keep what you earn. Keep in mind that terms and conditions are usually applied to these offers. However, we’ll go into more detail about those later.

Apart from a free bet, other types of sports betting bonuses are available. These include options like cashback promotions, odds boosts, and matched deposits.

🙋 Betting Bonus FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Betting Bonuses

What is a Betting Bonus?

A betting bonus is something that online bookmakers offer to either new or existing customers on their sites. You’ll come across plenty of generous bonuses for signing up, as well as more bonus promotions when you become a loyal member of the platform.

How do Betting Bonuses work?

Bonus funds get credited to your account just like real money. You can then use them to wager on your selected bets or those specified by the bonus promotion terms.

How to claim a Betting Bonus?

Claiming an online betting bonus is easy. Some require you to register, some use bonus codes, while others have minimum deposit requirements. Always read the terms first before accepting any offer.

How many types of Betting Bonus are there?

You’ll come across four main types including cashback offers, matched deposits, odds boosts, and free bets. Depending on the platform, the online betting bonus type and awarded amounts will vary.

Do Betting Bonuses have terms and conditions attached?

Yes, they do. Pay special attention to wagering requirements, market restrictions, maximum wins, minimum odds, and validity periods. Each of these can have a significant impact on what you stand to gain, so check them in advance of claiming any offer.

Do all gambling sites offer a Betting Bonus?

Most online gambling sites that have sports betting options offer betting bonuses. These function as a way for operators to entice new members as well as retaining their existing clients.

Can you win money with a Betting Bonus?

Yes, you can win from bets placed using an online betting bonus. Betting on sports relies on luck, just as with other gambling activities. However, checking a team’s past statistics to help you make correct predictions could result in a win. 

Do Betting Bonuses expire?

Yes, they do. An online betting bonus can often have a short validity period, depending on the platform and offer. Always ensure you only claim offers that you can complete the wagering requirements for in the time constraints.

Pros And Cons With A Sport Betting Bonus

One of the biggest advantages that come with claiming an online betting bonus in India is the extended betting experience you’ll receive. As you get more into sports betting, you’ll notice that free bets usually aren’t restricted to certain sports on the platform. Although they can sometimes get tied to certain events, that’s a fairly rare occurrence. As such, more often than not, you can comfortably use your online betting offer in India to wager on the sports that appeal to you. Other pros that come with claiming a sports bonus include:

Every worthwhile thing tends to have its drawbacks, and sports betting bonuses are no different. For starters, promotions at online bookmakers tend to be limited to newer members on the site. So, if you are an avid bettor, you may not have much available once you deplete your welcome offer. Also, you may find that the terms attached to qualifying for an offer require you to part with more money than you’re comfortable with spending. As such, it nullifies the point of claiming an online betting bonus.

You also need to be aware of the fact that online sports betting offers tend to have short validity periods. In most cases, these can be limited to seven days from the day you claimed the offer. With such a short duration to use your bonus, your preferred sports may not feature within that period. That will force you to bet on other games that you’re either not interested in or know very little about in order to fulfil the bonus terms in time. Other cons you may experience with claiming online betting bonuses include:

Should I Accept A Free Bet Bonus From My Bookmaker?

It’s difficult to stop someone from claiming an online sports betting bonus in India as they are so attractive. That’s partly because they add overall value to your betting activities. However, there are some things you should consider in advance of claiming any offer from your favourite online bookmaker.

For starters, ask yourself whether the offer is actually worth claiming. For instance, the offer may expect you to spend ₹7,000 within a week to receive a free bet worth ₹200. Consider if the amount is something that falls within your weekly betting budget and if the bonus is worth you increasing your usual spend.

On the other hand, if a bonus costs you nothing, then it’s certainly worth exploring. In case you’re wondering, such bonuses do exist and are actually quite popular. So, if you come across an online bookie offering a free bet to newly registered members on their platform, don’t hesitate to claim it. However, don’t forget to go through the terms and conditions listed with the offer. Although some bonuses cost nothing, the terms can make it almost impossible for you to win any money from the free bet.

No Deposit Betting Bonus

Let’s take a further look at the free bets that fall under the category of no deposit bonuses. Since they’re such lucrative online betting bonuses, in most cases you’ll find that they’re strictly for new players joining a given online bookmaker. Since no deposit bonuses are such an attractive offer, they’re what bookies rely on to attract new customers. They’re harder to find than the more easily available match bonuses, but don’t lose hope of finding one as they are out there.

As a welcome offer, no deposit bonuses generally have no hidden strings attached. To claim such offers, complete your account registration and the bonus will get credited to your user account immediately. You can then use the offer to make your preferred bets, possibly helping you earn some winnings at no cost to your real money balance. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Remember that an online sportsbook is there to make money. That’s why there are terms attached to every offer on betting sites. These help to ensure that the brand does not make losses due to its generous promotional offers!

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Instead of doing the legwork that comes with searching for a legit sports betting bonus in India, just turn to Casino Betting Live. We list all the best betting sites you can visit as a player in India. In addition to our recommendation lists, our site also has reviews on the various online bookmakers worth visiting for some online sports betting excitement.

Besides the suggestions about the best online bookmakers, you can also look forward to information on the latest online betting bonuses available on each platform. You’ll also come across the selection of sports and betting markets available. With the majority of the sites we advise you to visit, you can rest assured that popular sports like cricket and football feature highly. There are also some bookies with unique sports niches or virtual sports and esports available for players that prefer them.

Different Types Of Betting Bonuses

The particulars of individual bonuses and free online sports bets vary, based on the platform you choose to claim your offer from. However, when claiming an online betting bonus in India, you’ll come across four main types. These are deposit matches, odds boosts, free bets, and cashback bonuses. With a matched deposit bonus, for instance, you can receive 50% or even 100% match bonus of the amount you deposit, giving you more funds to bet with.

Free bets are what you’ll mainly come across at most online bookmakers. However, they can come in two varieties. There are some free bets that you will receive with no initial financial obligations tied to them. Whereas with the other variety, you may find that the operator requires you to spend a stated minimum amount to receive the bonus. For instance, spend ₹2,000 in a day to receive ₹3,000 in free bets.

Another online betting bonus option in the form of boosted odds enables new members to receive better odds on specific markets. These are also referred to as enhanced odds on some sites. For instance, a leading event will offer bettors enhanced odds of 50/1 for the first goal scorer as opposed to the original odds of 40/1. This means if you are lucky and win you’ll receive a higher payout.

In case you’re a regular high stakes bettor, a suitable option as far as an online betting bonus would be the cashback bonus. With a cashback offer, you’ll become eligible for a refund of part of any losses you incur with your bets.

Wagering Requirements On This Type Of Bonus

Nearly every online betting bonus in India comes with wagering requirements attached. These can be found within the specific terms and conditions and are a necessary requirement. They state how many times you need to wager your bonus amount to convert your bonus winnings to withdrawable funds in your account.

Have a look at this example to get a clearer picture of how wagering requirements work. Let’s say you receive a ₹1,000 free bet with a 5x wagering requirement included. That means that you must spend a total of 5 x ₹1,000, which is ₹5,000, to convert your bonus winnings into real cash. So, if you used the ₹1,000 bonus on bets that earned you ₹7,000, all that money will get credited to your account as bonus funds. That’s because you’ve only spent ₹1,000 so far, of the expected ₹5,000. You’ll then need to wager an additional ₹4,000 before the bonus expires to keep all the winnings you’ve earned and cash out.

The specific wagering terms you’ll come across will depend on the site you choose. However, with bonuses targeted at players in India, you could find them ranging from a minimum of 4x up to 40x. Always do the math in advance to ensure the wagering requirement isn’t too steep for your budget.

Tips And Tricks

As a punter, there are a few tips to help you get the most from your betting bonus. For starters, you can only claim a bonus once on your chosen platform in most cases. However, you can choose to become a member of multiple online sportsbooks and claim as many offers as you choose.

Another tip is to ensure you have read and understood any offer’s terms before you claim it. Although you cannot change the parts you don’t like, going through them early lets you know what’s in store for you if you claim the bonus. Key points to focus on include the maximum win values allowed, the wagering requirements, and the validity period. Ensure you use the comparisons offered by casinobettinglive.com to guide your choice towards the best online betting bonus to claim.

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