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Casino games make up the lions share of most online casino and gambling sites selection of entertainment. The category consists of a broad collection of games for every taste and preference. On this page, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about them so that you can be well-prepared when you start playing.

Slots and Online Casino Games in India 🎰

Want to learn more about a specific casino game? We have in-depth game guides on almost all casino games. Click the links below to read more about your favourite game.

In the first section of this guide, we’ve listed some of the most popular casino games that you will most likely find at Indian online casinos. In the section after that, we explain how you can play these games and what sets them apart. The last two sections have been dedicated to instructions on how to play casino games for free, either for practice or just for fun.

Number Casino Rating Bonus Freespins Info Play Now
1 ComeOn Review ₹90,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
2 Parimatch Review ₹1,05,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
3 Casino Days Review ₹1,00,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
4 Jackpot Guru Review ₹1,00,000 Bonus 20 Freespins Play Now
5 Betway Review ₹60,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
6 Bettilt Review ₹74,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
7 Roku Casino Review ₹ 22,500 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
8 MegaPari Review ₹30,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
9 Pure Win Review ₹90,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
10 Paripesa Casino ₹1,30,000 Bonus 150 Freespins Play Now
11 Bons Review ₹2,00,000 Bonus 200 Freespins Play Now
12 10Cric Review ₹32,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now

18+ | T&C's Apply | Responsible Gambling is advised. Gambling is an entertainment form that comes with a considerable risk of losing your money. Never play with more than you can afford to lose.

Our casino game guides cover how to play the game, rules, the best casino sites, and much more. You can also discover how the most popular online casino games are played and where you can play them. Find out more details about the below casino games.

Casino Games Online

Different Types of Online Casino Games 📚

There are so many casino games that can be played at the best online casino sites. You can find every game that can be played at a physical casino, even more.  To find the best online casino game, you need to know what you’re looking for.

What kind of game would you like to play? Do you prefer card games, table games, dice games or slots games? Are you in search of a challenging game, a game to win big, or are you rather looking for a relaxing activity? Whatever you’re looking for, we got it covered. Find everything you need to know on our following pages:

Slot games

Slot Machines, Fruit machine, or simply Online Casino Slots. Everyone knows what they are and how they work. See the fruits spinning in front of your eyes until you score the same ones, are you ready to win big? 

Live Casino

If you want to a real casino experience, playing live casino games might be just for you. Meet classy dealers, play live and win money! Nothing is more exciting then following and playing at a live casino. The coolest about live casino games? You have a wide variety of casino games!

Card Games | No card magic at the online casino only exciting card games both live and computer-simulated.

Table Games | Take place on a live table or virtual table to experience an unforgettable casino experience.

Dice Games | They see me rollin, they hatin… Or at least the dice are rolling. Hopefully in your favour!

Game Shows

If you want to spice up your online casino experience, a game show might be your thing. These games are often inspired by real TV shows and are being played live. There is a wide and unique variety of game shows available in the online casino landscape. 

More Casino Games


Frequently asked questions about online casino games.

❓ What are online casino games?

Online casino games are the typical casino games that you can play online at an online casino or a live casino. 

You have tons of different kinds of online casino games available!

📍 Where can i Play online casino games?

Online casino games can be played at any online casino. Although you’ll have to pay attention, not every casino site offers every online casino game available.

Check our top online casino list, to find gambling sites with a wide variety of online casino games.

📚 What types of online casino games can i play?

  • Slot games
  • Live Casino
  • Card Games
  • Table Games
  • Dice Games
  • Game Shows
  • Lottery
  • Scratch Cards
  • Jackpot Games

📖 How to Play Online Casino Games?

This depends on the game you pick and the game rules. In order to play games you need to follow the following steps:

  • Find the best online casino.
  • Register.
  • Place a Deposit.
  • Look for the game.
  • Start playing.

🆓 Can I play casino games for free?

Yes! Many online casinos allow you to play certain games in the demo version! Although this is not possible for live casino games.

Discover more in the “Free Casino Games” section

🤑 Can I win with real money online casino games?

Of course you can! But you need to be aware that you can also lose money!

⭐ What are the most popular online casino games?

Definitely slot games!

🔴 Which casino games can I find in the live casino?

  • Teen Patti
  • Andar Bahar
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Texas Hold Em
  • Rummy
  • Pai Gow
  • Roulette
  • Keno
  • Bingo
  • Ludo
  • Craps
  • Sic Bo
  • Game Shows

Slot Machines 🎰

The main category of casino games at casinos is slot machines. Slots were inspired by the classic one-armed bandit that was first launched in the United States in the late 1800s. Today, online slot machines are much more sophisticated even though they’re still based on the same concept.

These casino games are really easy to use and always random, ie. there is no way to improve your chances of winning with skill or knowledge. We’ll go into detail about how to play these games further down in this article. The games listed above are available on many casinos in India and are often featured on top lists of the best and most played games.

Generally speaking, all you have to do to play a slot machine online is to deposit money to your account, choose a game, set a bet level, and push the game button. The game will now activate and play around automatically, and the result will be presented on the screen.

Casino Games

Jackpot Games 🤑

Jackpot games are slot machines with huge potential winnings that often grow to millions of dollars. Naturally, these games have become very popular among players that are playing to win big money.

Typically, you can also see the jackpot amount in real-time.

In most cases, they operate the same way as regular slot machines with the only difference being the jackpots that you can win.

Some examples of jackpot games: 

If you are really interested in optimizing your chances of winning the jackpot you should balance high RTP (return to player) games with slots that currently offer a high jackpot. 

Online Casino Games

Card Games 🃏

In addition to slot machines, card games are one of the biggest and most popular games in today’s Indian online casinos. These are games that you’ve probably heard of before and chances are that you’ve played some of them at times, even if you’ve never been to a casino

Depending on the online casino you’re playing at, these games can be played similar to slot machines, ie. with random outcomes, or at real casino tables with dealers similar to at a land-based casino.

Different types of Online Card Games

Table Games 

Table games are another casino game category that’s been played at casinos for many decades and that is becoming increasingly popular at Indian online casinos. The most popular table casino game of all is roulette.

Live Casino 👩

We have to stop here and explain the concept of a live casino. It is important to understand that to play card and table games the way they’re intended, you used to have to do it at a land-based casino. Casino games such as poker and roulette however been modernised and brought into the 21st century.

An online live casino is best described as the closest thing you can get to a regular land-based casino. It features real dealers that are live-streamed from a tv-studio. That means that real playing cards and actual casino tables are used when playing. It also means that you can often interact with other online players without ever having to meet them in person.

Today, there are hundreds of live casino games available, in India, some of the most common ones are:

How to Play Casino Games ❓

Playing casino games is easy. All you have to do is find an online casino that you think will suit you. Then register an account, deposit money, pick the game you want and start playing. Just make sure that you only use reliable online casinos, for example, the Indian online casinos that we have recommended on this site.

Slot machines are very easy to understand and you can start playing them right away since you don’t need any background knowledge or a deeper understanding of the game to win. However, to start playing blackjack, baccarat, or poker, you need to first study the basics of the games.

Fortunately for you, our gambling experts have written in-depth guides about all the most popular casino games. In the main menu above, you’ll find links to all these guides and we suggest you read them before you start playing.

By doing so, you will find it more enjoyable to play since you’ll know what you’re doing.

Free Casino Games 🆓

If you want to play casino games and have a chance to win at a real money casino, you have to play using real money. It’s as simple as that.

With that said, at times you might want to play casino games just for the fun of it. Luckily, there are easy ways to do this.

All of the top online casinos in India provides the option of testing their games for free and without risk. That means you can play your favourite games even without risking any money. It’s also a great feature to use when you’re looking for a new online casino.

This will ensure that you like the games on offer before signing up. Just keep in mind you can not win any money while playing.

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