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Want to discover who is behind casinobetting.live? Maybe you just want to get to know us, or have a friendly chat! Don’t let us be strangers to you, find our details here!

About CasinoBetting.Live 💻

Hey! Hello, you made it here! We’re so happy that you got here, and that we can finally get to know each other. Don’t let us be just another online casino site! Here you can discover who we are, what we do, how we help you and how to get in touch with us!

What we do 👨‍💻

Once upon a time, in the first few months of 2018, a small business named Casinobetting.live was founded. It resembles a treasure trove that Good Momentum LTD, a fanciful company, owns. We’ve always been a pillar of integrity and dependability, committed to the prosperity and safety of our Indian gamers in the gambling casinobetting live what we doindustry!

Casinobetting.live India is the best option if you’re looking for unbiased reviews of casinos and games. Our crew is as trustworthy as a devoted sidekick, with a total expertise of more than three decades. We’re here to stay and vow to shatter barriers and inspire everyone in the industry, not just the players. Let’s honour the Indian players that enjoy online entertainment in the lively country of India!

The Team 👥

We told you already, we don’t want to be strangers to you. And yes, this website is created by actual humans! Our talented team at CBL is hard at work providing you the most recent information on the exciting world of Indian gambling. We are the gaming industry experts with a massive 30 years of combined experience.


Pradeep Singh

Casino Expert

Most notably, making his presence known through our articles and reviews is Pradeep Singh who has been providing online casino and betting research for over 19 years.

You can follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Asha Patel

Editor in Chief

Together with Pradeesh Asha comes up with the most valuable content for you, Asha and our lovely freelancer are constantly keeping you up to date!

There is no casinobetting without Asha, we are so happy to have her here, and wouldn’t want it any other way!


Bana Haradas

Head of development

With Banas help our site looks the way it does, pretty, mess free and everything works! Bana is our master brain when it comes to helping our site development.

He has been with us since the start, and we can’t imagine casinobetting.live without him!



Head of affiliates

Kimberly is one of the best in the industry and we are delighted for her to be in charge of our partnerships.

Without Kim we would not function, she is the glue that holds our partnership together. contact her at affiliate(at)casinobetting.live.

Our mission 🎯

From the beginning, our goal at Casinobetting.live has been to keep you informed on everything related to online casinos and casino games.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible user experience so that you can escape from the monotonous routine of daily life and enter the intriguing world of casinos.

Our mission casinobetting liveWhy? Because fantasies can come true in the twinkling of an eye at online casinos.

Your go-to resource is us, a unique affiliate website that not only educates you about casinos and online gaming but also offers you a number of ways to jump right into the action. Because we understand the sheer joy and ecstasy of victory as humans, we have created online casinos that give you even more possibilities to win!

We have always sought quality, and we still do. We don’t accept mediocrity. We’ve raised the bar in the sector over the last few years, becoming well-known for our knowledge and the chance to experience success. For additional information, see our Editorial Guidelines.

In order to support operators, players, and other stakeholders in online gambling in India in making educated decisions based on factual information, we are also passionate about fostering openness in the industry. For this reason, we conduct studies that illuminate many facets of gaming in India.

about us casinobetting.live

Our Values ❤️

Our main pillars for our company and casinobetting.live are the following:

  1. Transparency

    Transparency is key when it comes to examining review websites. We think it’s critical that you have faith in the decision you make regarding where to invest your hard-earned money. We strive to be as transparent and truthful as possible about the operators we recommend because of this. There are no sly tricks; simply clear, reliable advice.

  2. Honesty

    Sincerity is something we value highly at Casinobetting.live. We think presenting the whole story is important, not simply selected facts. We’ve got your back when it comes to talking about the safety and security of gambling on particular websites. Our reviews are a beautiful example of sincerity, filled with unbiased information you can trust.

  3. Accuracy

    Change is the name of the game in the chaotic world of online casinos. Regulations and laws change and shuffle more quickly than a deck of cards during a winning run. But don’t worry, gamers! We promise to remain vigilant about everything. To ensure that the information we provide is as accurate as a roulette ball landing on lucky number seven, we carefully evaluate not just the websites we recommend but also ourselves. So feel secure knowing that we have your back as you enter the exciting world of online gambling with the most recent, juicy statistics.

  4. Expertise

    We’re on a mission to become your go-to resource for anything casino-related, and our team is bursting at the seams with knowledge in each of their specialized fields. Don’t worry if you desperately need a game guide, are aching for a new tactic, or just want an unbiased casino review. We’re prepared to throw the dice and have your back.

Gambling regulation in India

India’s gaming industry is always altering and changing, like a vibrant kaleidoscope. Since each state and region has its own set of regulations, navigating them may be fairly challenging. But don’t worry! Our dependable news team is here to keep you informed on all the most recent events. Dear Indian players, rest assured that the casinos we suggest have licenses from reputable agencies.

Now, if we come across a cheeky casino throughout our reviews that dared to break the rules, we acted immediately! Our swift addition of them to our blacklist guarantees that your safety will always come first. And what’s this? You, as one of our astute users, might work with us to find criminals. Please let us know if you notice any questionable behaviour or rule-breaking in their terms and conditions. Our contact information is available for your detective work only a scroll away.

Responsible Gambling ❗

Join the jovial group of Indian gamers who are only looking for a thrilling game to lift their spirits! We completely comprehend how tempting it might be to gamble with actual money; it can make your spine tingle. We do, however, recognize that this pastime might be dangerous if taken too far. So here’s the deal: we’re all about responsible gambling, which means we’d never recommend that you play with more money than you can afford to part with without breaking a sweat. We hold online casinos to the same standards, thus we include information about their practices on responsible gaming in our reviews.

Let’s now explore the clever strategies these casinos use to control the experience. They have a couple tried-and-true strategies for encouraging responsible gambling, like self-exclusion times and deposit caps. Get ready because this is where the magic happens—you, the powerful player, get to make the decisions!

You can schedule a time-out period during which the casino graciously prohibits you from making deposits or placing bets if you choose to self-exclude. It’s like having a trustworthy gambling companion keeping an eye on you. Regarding deposit restrictions, it’s as easy as putting a strict limit on the amount of money you pour into your gambling endeavours over a certain period of time. Even if you’ve never engaged in careless gambling, we urge you to occasionally test out these tools to make sure you always maintain control over your gaming thrills.

Get in touch 👉🏽👈🏽

Do you have some questions, or would you like to get to know us on a deeper level? You can contact us on support(at)casinobetting.live.

Not a big fan of e-mails? You can also find us on social media and contact us there! Don’t forget to follow us!

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