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You have probably heard of the incredibly popular video slot Gonzo’s Quest and if you are a fan just like the rest of us, then you are going to love Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt! It brings you the best of both slots and live games.

Are you looking to explore live casino games, yet you aren’t completely ready to give up on slots and their incredible graphics? Keep reading to find out why Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a casino game you just can’t miss! 

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt 💰

You have probably heard of the incredibly popular video slot Gonzo’s Quest and if you are a fan just like the rest of us, then you are going to love Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt! It brings you the best of both slots and live games.

Are you looking to explore live casino games, yet you aren’t completely ready to give up on slots and their incredible graphics? Keep reading to find out why Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a casino game you just can’t miss!

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18+ | T&C's Apply | Responsible Gambling is advised. Gambling is an entertainment form that comes with a considerable risk of losing your money. Never play with more than you can afford to lose.

Gonzos treasure hunt casino

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt 💰

Get ready to embark on a search for Eldorado—the long-lost city of treasures at the live casino? Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is all about finding your inner adventurer, accompanying the Spaniard Gonzo on his quest and navigating through impressive graphics and intriguing prize opportunities in this treasure hunters game show.

What is Gonzo? In the wildly popular video slot Gonzo’s Quest, the Spanish explorer Gonzo has been looking for the fabled golden city of Eldorado and its treasures.

The game includes placing bets on which stones you believe will emerge on the game wall after it has been shuffled and where they will appear. Prior to the reveal, a number of prizes and multipliers are dropped onto the wall with the potential to increase any prizes you might win.

Turning Stones to Win

In order to play and win at Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, your task is to flip over stones to see what hides behind them. You can decide which types of treasures you want to aim for, how much to bet and which stones to turn, and you can turn a total of 20 stones per round. You have a higher chance to win the more stones you pick, but it also means you pay more.

The first step in the game is to decide which stones you want to hunt for during your treasure hunt, and each pick is made from a collection of six differently coloured stones. Behind the stones, you find prizes with a value of one of the following: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x and 65x.

You are then moved to a wall consisting of 70 grey stones, and your task is to use the picks you’ve paid for to try to find the stones you chose in the previous step. The fact that you have choices makes it feel like you are more in control of the game, even though the outcome is 100% controlled by an RNG.

Playing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live 🔴

Let’s go through how a typical game of Gonzos treasure hunt game show will play out;

  1. Gonzos treasure hunt liveBetting takes place in two parts. First, you select the treasure Gonzo and then you chose the number of searches.
  2. The first step in the game is to decide which stones you want to hunt for during your treasure hunt, and each pick is made from a collection of six differently coloured stones.
  3. You are then moved to a wall consisting of 70 grey stones, and your task is to use the picks you’ve paid for to try to find the stones you chose in the previous step. Your picks are shown on your screen as hand prints.
  4. Just before the game starts, prize drops happen to unveil the numbers, when Gonzo turns a key. Each game can include up to seven prize drops, where extra prizes slide along the reward reel above the main game wall and land on a reel below.
  5. If a prize lands in one of the positions you have selected, you have chosen correctly and it will be highlighted.
  1. Bonus Prize Drop

    You can win 20,000x more per found stone if you score the bonus prize drop feature! If you are the lucky winner of a bonus, the bonus Gonzo symbol will show up at the very top of the treasure hunt wall, and what you want is for there to be an empty space underneath. If so, the bonus symbol will drop, and eventually land on what will become your prize.

    One single stone can leave a maximum of 20,000 during a round of the bonus prize drop.

  2. Multipliers

    The wall values can be multiplied with 2x to 10x their original value, which increases your chances to win big. However, the multiplier will only boost the numbers if the row directly underneath it has a gap in the row.

  3. Re-Drops

    As if one bonus prize drop wasn’t enough, you can get extra lucky and score a re-drop, which means you get one (or more) chance to win bonus prizes! Re-Drop symbols, which trigger a new Prize Drop, may also appear on the prize reel. Each game allows for a maximum of 10 Re-Drops. When a prize rests on a randomly chosen stone in the column in which it was dropped, the Prize Drop is over.

  4. Bonus Prizes

    Random stones on the reel may receive bonuses that has the potential to increase the value of a stone, which gives you 3-100 times the original value.

    It is no secret that live casino bonuses make gambling more fun, and this treasure game is full of them! Best of all is that the bonuses are very easy to get, and not something that requires you to be an expert.

  5. Virtual Reality Mode

    If you happen to have a VR headset and a controller at home, that means you can play Gonzo’s Treasure hunt game in virtual reality mode! This Gonzo game is actually the first online casino live game that offers VR mode, where you get to emerge yourself fully in the graphics with 360-degree video.

How to Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in India? 🔎

Taking it’s roots from Gonzo’s Quest Slot, it is a simple game that takes only minutes to learn, and one that is suitable for beginners thanks to the simplicity it offers along with great chances to win.

It is slightly different from many other live games, as this game offers more interaction. In some games, all you need to do is to click play and wait to see what happens. When you play Treasure Hunter you get to choose which stones to bet on and what to do with the stones in the stone wall.

Here are the 4 Steps to Playing;

Placing Your Bets

Step number one is to place your bets on the stones and colours you want to bet on, and this is the part of the game when you get to feel somewhat in control. You can’t control the outcome, but you can at least choose how and on what you want to bet.

Six colored stones of different colors show up in the betting grid at the top of the screen (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x, 65x). The frequency of an stone appearing on the grid decreases as its value increases. A player can bet on as many stones as they choose.

After choosing symbols, you choose how many picks you want with your options being 1-20. The more picks you choose, the bigger are your chances to win, but each round also becomes more expensive with every additional pick.

For example, if you were to bet €1 on each stone, the total bet would be €16. If you bet €3 on the x3 stone and €2 on the 20x stone and selected 8 picks then the total bet would be (€9 + €2) x 8 = €88.

Hunting for the Treasure

Now it is time for you to help in Gonzo’s quest online by hunting for the treasure! Your job is to try to figure out where your chosen symbols are on the stone wall. Pick the stones you want to turn within the time limit, according to the number of picks you chose.

The stones on the wall are scrambled so that you won’t know which contains what value, and you can see at the bottom of the screen how many selections you have (just look for the handprint).

All selections need to be made before the clock finishes counting down. If you fail to pick your stones on time, the game will automatically pick for you.

The Prize Drop

The prize drop starts when Gonzo enters, and you might recognise him from the popular slot Gonzo’s Quest. Gonzo turns a key and starts this section of the game. Between 0-7 Bonus prizes appear at the top.

These are multipliers and additional bonuses and the game is dependent on there being an empty space in the stone row, as it allows the prize or multiplier to dropdown. Once it drops, it will go on to stopping at one of the tiles—instantly affecting the value of what’s behind the tile.

A multiplier with available space to drop below it awards you an even bigger bonus, as it triggers the application of the same multiplier to all bonus symbols on the stone tile wall. Up to 10 Re-drops could be triggered at this point.

Wins and Losses are Revealed

The last step is where all the prize values behind the tiles are revealed. You get to see what was behind every stone, but the stones you guessed correctly and the ones you bet on are highlighted for your convenience.

You lose the game if none of your guesses was correct. If you win, the bet you made at the beginning of the game is multiplied by the value of each of the correctly guessed stones. The successful picks, plus your wager are added together and the total win is displayed on the screen.

Where Can I Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt?

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is one of Evolution Gaming’s most popular live games, and it is generally easy to find at any live casino featuring games from Evolution Gaming. It is a collaboration with NetEnt, but the game is produced by Evolution Gaming.

We recommend that you go ahead and double-check the game catalogue to make sure they have Gonzo games before you sign up for an online casino or gambling site.You will also be able to see if the casino offers an casino app to play with.

At casinos with both slots, table games, online betting and live casino games, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, Gonzo’s quest and other gonzo.com games can be found in the Live Casino category.

Stone Payouts & Value

Not every stone in this Gonzo quest has the same value, and the total value of each stone depends on how many times the stone appears in the game. A stone that is rarer has a higher value, meaning that while it is harder to find, the payout is significantly bigger than that of a common stone.

Stone Colour Existing Stones Payout Probability
Red 1 65-1 1.42%
Blue 3 20-1 4.28%
Orange 20 2-1 28.5%
Green 7 8-1 10%
Purple 12 4-1 17%
Brown 27 1-1 38.5%

As a player, it is up to you if you want to play it safe and win less, or if you want to take a risk but get the chance to win a much bigger Treasure Hunt payout. The highest prizes come at a price and you also risk losing more money.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Strategies 🕵

It is important to understand that you can’t trick the game in any way or outsmart it, as when it comes down to it, the game is controlled by chance and random number generators. However, unlike Gonzo’s Quest, it is one of those casino games where you have choices, and where your guess can be either right or wrong.

Here are three strategic moves when playing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunters Online Game;

Increasing the Chance to Win

With this strategy, you don’t just choose one or two stones—you choose all six. Place bets on all existing stones and use as many picks as you want, and you will statistically be more likely to win, but at a high price that your win may or may not cover.

Value for Your Money

Choose two or more stones and as many picks as you can, so that while you are looking for a small number of stones, you have many opportunities to guess right and find the stones you are searching for.

Low Risk of Losing

If you don’t really care about the amount you win, and if winning is your sole purpose, then your best bet is to choose only one of the most common stones and use the rest of your budget to pick as many times as possible. This makes you very likely to find your stone but you might not win too much.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Tips 💡

There is a lot to say about this game when it comes to how to win Treasure Hunt but the one thing you need to remember is that the more stones and picks you bet on, the more likely you are to win. The downside is that such a gambling strategy will Gonzo treasure huntcost you a lot of money per game, and you might not be able to win enough to cover the money spent.

Another thing an aware gambler knows is that you can win good money also on the stones with a lower payout. It can be tempting to pick the stones with the highest payout, but these are much harder to find and present a bigger risk of losing.

Multipliers can boost even the smallest win, and it is crucial not to underestimate the power of betting smart and on low payout stones. In the end, it is up to you how you want to bet and what you find to be the most lucrative option.

Gonzo Treasure Hunt RTP 🔥

The Return to Player (RTP) for this game is 96.56%. The RTP for the individual treasure symbols is around equal, but the frequency in which they appear and a players ability to find them mean that they have a slightly altered RTP individually.


The game can be considered High Volatile, meaning that you can expect small win, very regularly, with an occasional 1,000x multiplier.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Terminology

This is a very simple treasure hunter online game that does not require you to study terminology beforehand. You only need to keep track of words like bet, stones, tile, prize drop and bonus, and then you are good to go! After you choose your stones, place your bets and make your guesses, you don’t have any control over what happens next.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Background

In 2011, Gonzo’s Quest completely rocked the gaming industry and helped software provider NetEnt achieve its first platinum release. Unlike his real-life counterpart, Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro, Gonzo hasn’t partially colonized South America. While this undoubtedly earns him credit, what really makes him a fan favourite is the fantastic games he appears in.

Since then, NetEnt has also released a popular Megaways title, expanding the Gonzo series: Gonzo’s Quest Megaways. We wonder, what is Gonzo going to accomplish next?

Our Final Thoughts

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live is an excellent game show if you enjoy playing them. It’s obvious that Evolution Gaming and NetEnt have worked hard to ensure that the renowned explorer makes his live casino debut without difficulty.

The Gonzo’s presenters are great at keeping the excitement up and you interested, as we’ve grown to expect that from Evolution. Gonzo fans will love this new release since it is unlike anything they have ever seen before.

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