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Just like every other company, we also need to earn money in order to keep providing Indian players with the best casino and betting guides available.

How we do that? Well, with affiliates! We are an affiliate website, what that means you can discover here.

How Casinobetting.live Works 🔎

Have you ever heard the word affiliation before? If it’s a term that is new to you, no problem. We are here to explain it to you.

Affiliate sites are available in multiple market, not only online gambling, but on all different kinds of topics. With the help off affiliation, we are able to keep our team paid, and provide you with the best casino reviews and betting guides in India.


Someone visits our site in search for the best gambling site. On our website this ‘someone’ clicks a link to a particular online casino or online bookmaker.


They’ve found their perfect match and decide to play at this casino site. They sign up at the site. Place their first deposit and decide to start playing their favourite game.


The casino pays us commission in return for publishing their brand on our website. The commission depends on what was agreed with the gambling site.

What is affiliation? 📖

Affiliate websites act as helpful middlemen in the internet world. They make alliances with businesses such as casinos (like us) and assist in spreading the word about their products or services. In exchange, these websites are compensated when someone they refer makes a purchase or performs a particular action.

Consider it a fun dating game in which the affiliate website introduces potential clients to the businesses it promotes. It’s the equivalent of saying, “Hey, have you heard about this awesome casino?” Check it out and have a good time!” And when someone takes the affiliate site’s advice and joins the casino, the affiliate website receives a commission.

These websites, just like Casinobetting.live, have teams of smart people who work tirelessly to bring you the most recent gaming news and reviews. They’re like your knowledgeable friends who provide insights, suggestions, and intriguing developments to keep you up to speed.

So, keep in mind that we are here to help you and make your online adventures more joyful. It’s a win-win situation: you get useful information, and they get a small reward for their efforts.

Why are we an affiliate site? 😎

It’s not only about the money, but we of course also have expenses to pay. In order to be able to keep providing you with the most recent updates, exclusive promotions, new games and all these valuable game guides, we need to put a lot of effort and time in our website.

For a casino it also has benefits to work together with us, they can reach more casino freaks to play at their casino through us.

We want to be 100% transparent here, all our casino’s and bookmakers are always reviewed. We would never recommend you an online casino or sports betting site, that doesn’t meet our review standards, just to earn extra money. We believe in honesty, trust, and transparency.

Our most important cooperation, is still the one in between us. Yes, you and me. I’m talking to you, reader!

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Why our affiliate site is not like the others 🏆

how it worksLet’s dissect this affiliation thing and see how it works. Before we can earn a penny, potential casino players must complete several vital tasks.

Consider this: if we hype up a bad casino and pretend it’s the best in town, you can bet your lucky charms that customers won’t stay long. That’s just not cool, and it contradicts everything we believe in.

We want to be clear: the casinos we feature on our website have no influence over us. We’re not forced to give them high marks or say nice things about them. Everything we mention about these casinos is based on our own unbiased and honest reviews. There will be no monkey business here!

Why we can’t do this for free 🤑

We’re a group of authors, developers, marketers, designers, social media superheroes, account managers, and other cool people who work together to make this site shine. It truly takes a village, and our unwavering commitment is essential to making it all happen. It’s critical that the wonderful folks who run this site are compensated for their efforts.

We would completely run this site for free if we could! Our mission is to give you with accurate information, and this is what we stand for.

The truth is that even though we make money from this site, a large portion of it is reinvested in the site. Salaries, contracts, subscriptions, and other expenses all take their toll.

We Share our Passion with you ❤️

Online gambling in India is a massive market. We’re sure you have google ‘online casino in india’ before. There are so many different sites, games, promotions, and payment methods available. Oftentimes it’s hard to find the way through these dense bushes!

Just like you, we are also a bunch of online gambling freaks, and we want the same as you. Honest, trustworthy, reliable and GREAT operators!

We do earn money, by presenting you some of the top tier casino and sports betting sites in India. But in the end you are the one picking your perfect match, from our unbiased, honest and truthful reviews.

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