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Texas Holdem Poker
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Though easy to learn, Texas Hold'em Poker can become a mysterious piece of play when sitting at a table of exceptional Indian — whether online or offline.

Come along as we explore all folds of the game, noting how the game is played in Indian casinos and unraveling trusted trade secrets on raising and folding in this widely popular strategic Poker game!

What Is Texas Hold’em Poker?🤠

Texas Holdem, or Hold’em for short, has ridden the waves of glamorous Bollywood movies to become earth’s most played online poker variant. We won’t be surprised if Elon finds a joint for Hold’em on Mars!

The game’s strongest appeal comes from its simplicity: every round starts with every player receiving two cards to keep private, following which the croupier spreads five cards in the 3–1–1 order. These new cards are available for all the players as they race to make the best possible 5-card compilation. Bets are placed before and after every card’s value is known, requiring everyone at the table to wager the same chip value to remain in the round.

Your participation ends when you run out of chips and aren’t willing to refill, though this doesn’t mean the fun must also cease. Online Hold’em Poker is highly enjoyable, even for spectators, not to mention the various side bets you can take! A standard Texas Hold’em Poker table game can take 2 to 10 players.

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18+ | T&C's Apply | Responsible Gambling is advised. Gambling is an entertainment form that comes with a considerable risk of losing your money. Never play with more than you can afford to lose.

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How Do You Play Texas Holdem Poker in India?🃏

Texas Hold'emAll Texas Hold’em poker online players have one main objective: presenting a five-card hand better than everyone else’s at the table. The fun begins when the dealer distributes the hole cards (HC), the first two cards every player gets.

Subsequently, they share the community cards (CC), five cards that every player can use in their race to the finish line. These cards are shared in the following order:

The Flop comprising the first, second, and third cards.
The Turnthe fourth card.
The Riverthe final card.

This leaves you with seven cards to construct your hand from (your 2 hole cards and the 5 community cards). To win, you can combine your 2 HC with 3 CC, 1 HC with 4 CC, or 0 HC and 5 CC.

Suppose any player runs out of online betting credits before the round is decided; the player leaves the game. The rule applies as the game progresses, and should plenty of others drop out, the last standing member wins it all, notwithstanding the value of his cards compared to others.

However, should two or more participants remain in the game until after the last CC is dealt and staking is complete, the initial rule of presenting the best-valued five-card hand to win applies.


Frequently Asked Questions About Texas Hold’em Poker

🤷‍♂️How Difficult is Texas Hold'em Poker?

Texas Hold’em is a simple game with a well-structured setup. It is quite straightforward to enjoy.

See how to play under our “How Do You Play Texas Holdem Poker” section.

🥳How Can I Participate in Texas Hold'em Tournaments?

You can join Hold’em tournaments and competitions in the best online Indian casinos.

⚖️Can I Play Texas Hold'em in India?

Yes, Texas Hold’em is available at numerous online casinos in India. Our list above filters out the chaff to help your decision.

💵Can I Withdraw My Winnings at Hold'em Casinos?

Yes, you can. Every site on our shortlist processes cash-out requests immediately.

🚫Should I Ever Fold in Hold'em?

While folding seems like defeat, doing so at the appropriate time can save you money.

🪑Where Should I Sit While Playing Texas Hold'em?

Online Texas Hold’em doesn’t allow you to select your position. This is made fair by ensuring that the positions go round the table before the game ends.

♦️What Is a High Card?

The high card is a combo that differs from the above categories. They exist because some tables may have unique winning Texas Hold’em poker rules.

💭How Are Ties Resolved in Texas Hold'em?

Ties are usually settled by identifying the highest-ranked card in every hand. If it doesn’t work, the sidekick is used.

Positions at a Texas Hold’em Table♣️

There are several positions to take at a Hold’em table. And although every player has a fair chance of winning, seasoned players have established that some of these positions are more advantageous than others. Let’s see what these spots are and how to take advantage of wherever you find yourself.

The Button

Standard Texas Hold’em Poker table contains a rotable risk which is passed one seat to the left with each hand. Therefore, gameplay starts from the left of the player with the disk before them. This setup is represented in online poker tables for a well-structured play.

Betting begins with the first two players closest to the acting dealer from the left. Both are known as the ‘small blind’ and the ‘big blind’. Then, action can occur in numerous forms, including preflop, flop, turn, and river. It’s important to note that the dealer changes as the game progresses, with the player holding the button or the closest active player to the button picking up play.

What’s more? The dealer button selects the players who make the small and big blinds, and the cards are dealt first in every round. The participant closest to the button’s left posts the small blind and gets their card before another person receives theirs.

The Blinds

The blinds are the two players to the dealer’s left who post the small and big blinds. Typically, the former is half the value of the latter, but this ratio may differ depending on the room. For instance, the small and big blinds will be $1 and $2 in a “$1/$2” Hold’em table.

They are forced wagers that kick off the betting process. In their absence, the game may become boring as the players may refuse committing their chips and hold out until they get pocket aces.

However, with the blinds, the action starts immediately with every hand. The blinds regularly increase in tournaments while they remain the same in simple games. The stakes and fun are higher in the former, but so is the risk. This is because the blinds must keep increasing as players gain more stacks and drop out.

Texas Hold’em Betting Sequence🔢

Hold’em Poker has four established streets and a final avenue through which every round must go. The main purpose of these moments is to thin the herd and make the winnings more valuable. Let’s evaluate this sequence below.

  1. Preflop

    Preflop begins with the player who posts the small blind after the dealer has been decided and hole cards have been dealt. Players describe this position as “under the gun” due to the compulsion to play first. You have three alternatives here:

    -Call: Match the value of the big blind

    -Raise: Increase the wager according to the game’s specified limits

    -Fold: Discard the hand and drop out of the game.

    Play resumes after the player under the gun moves in a clockwise direction around the table, noting that everyone has the same three options. After the last player — the person farthest to the button’s left — calls their bet and action closes, the preflop round ends.

  2. Flop

    The flop round commences with the dealing of the first three CCs (community cards). Only participants who didn’t fold in preflop are eligible to continue here. Action begins from the left of the button, as always.

    Players have the three conventional options (call, raise, or fold) and a fourth alternative known as the “check”. This allows a player to pass the action to the next person if no one has bet before it gets to their turn.

    The rules of calling, raising, and folding remain the same, so betting continues until the last player makes their move. However, note that everyone at the table may prefer to check across the room, and this also concludes the betting rounds when it gets to the last player.

  3. Turn

    Hold’em Poker’s third betting stage commences with the dealing of the fourth CC (the turn). Following this, the players kickstart another wagering battle, starting from the person now closest to the left of the button. The rules of engagement don’t change, and players choose from checking, betting, calling, raising, or folding.

  4. River

    Play in the river is identical to play in turn. The round begins by dealing the last community card, the river, faceup on the table. Those who are yet active can choose from taking a check, call, bet, raise or fold. When the game goes around the table, the subsequent and last phase is ushered in to find the victor.

  5. Showdown

    The showdown stage is to establish a winner, and it requires the remaining players to reveal their hole cards. Hands are shown from the last player who bet or raised their hand in the River stage. However, if no player called or raised in the previous round (and everyone checked), the reveal starts from the player stationed immediately clockwise from the dealer.

    Whoever presents the most valuable combo of five poker cards wins the pot and its stakes. Suppose more than one player presents equally valuable hands; the rule is to distribute the prize equitably among them all.

My Starting Hands: What Should I Know?🤔

Your hand going into a poker round is your weapon in the fierce battle you’ll be facing. Therefore, it’s necessary to sharpen your cards to the brim. However, opening hands don’t tell the full story: your position is also crucial in deciding the action you take. The consensus is that you can expand your hand scope the closer you are to the button.

texas holdemIn addition, you should evaluate the number of players you’re up against. Hands tend to have less value when you’re up against 1 opponent than when you’re facing up to five! Subsequently, selecting your opening hands doesn’t depend only on your hand strength, but it also covers how the hand can make you money in different situations.

To conclude, knowing how your opening hands can earn you cash after the flop is important. Not knowing how to earn cash from the hand you have means you’re playing blind, and we never advise that. It’s not good Poker.

When Should I Raise or Fold?

Raising and folding are two actions that can cost you money at Hold’em. The former requires you to spend more, and the latter costs you the cash you’ve already spent. As such, it’s smart to make any of both moves with certainty that you’ll earn more in return. To help, the table below covers the entire card interface, highlighting where to raise and fold according to accomplished players in the field.

Online Texas Hold'em Poker

Ranking of Hands in Texas Hold’em🏆

Hold’em Poker requires offering a better five-card hand than everyone else’s. As such, it’s pertinent to know the value of the various Texas Hold’em hands so you know what to keep and pass. Here we go!

  • Royal Flush | Five same-suit cards, covering the ace, ling, queen, jack, and ten.
  • Straight Flush | Five same-suit cards in numerical order.
    • When there’s a tie, the most valuable rank in the sequence wins.
  • Four-of-a-Kind | Four identical-rank cards and a kicker (sidekick).
    • In a tie, the hand with the highest-valued card wins. Suppose all players have same-suit cards here; the most valuable kicker wins.
  • Full House | Three same-rank cards and two matching cards from a different rank.
    • Should there be a tie, the best three matching cards win, and if this doesn’t settle it, the hand holding the highest-valued two matching cards takes it all.
  • Flush | A combination of five same-suit cards.
    • Ties are settled by finding the player with the most valuable card. The tie may yet go ahead to be broken with the second-best, third-best, fourth-best, and fifth-best. If this doesn’t work, the winning is split.
  • Straight | Five cards in order.
    • Break ties using the most valuable card topping the sequence. You can use the Ace at the top or bottom of the order, as it’s the sole card usable here. A, K, Q, J, and T make up the Ace high straight (highest), while 5,4,3,2 and A make up the Five high straight (lowest).
  • Three-of-a-Kind | Three cards pulling equal rank and two different sidekicks.
    • A tie is broken by selecting the highest-ranked hand. If the players have similar cards, the highest sidekick (or the second-highest sidekick, if necessary) wins.
  • Two Pairs | Two equal-rank cards, two other cards with the same rank, and a sidekick.
    • The highest pair wins when there’s a tie. If they have the same cards, the dealer uses the second-highest pair — or, if necessary, the highest sidekick.
  • One Pair | Two identical-rank cards and three different sidekicks.
    • Suppose there’s a tie; the highest pair wins. Else, the best side card wins. Otherwise, the second and third-best sidekicks may be used to settle things.

Texas Hold’em Lingo: How to Play Like a Pro?😎

Don’t want to sound like a novice when playing live Texas Hold’em in India? This section contains the most common slang in the game across the country!

  • Action | The chance to act. Suppose the player does not realize it’s their time to play; the game rings out “Your action”.
  • All-in | To exhaust your playing chips while wagering. The best Texas Hold’em Poker sites in India allow you to refill immediately.
  • Check-Raise | To take the Check action and then raise after the player behind you stakes. Some may frown upon this, but it’s an acceptable practice in most Indian casinos.
  • Come Hand | Slang for drawing hand.
  • Complete Hand | A hand holding all five cards: straight, flush, straight flush, or full house.
  • Connector | A starting hand with both hole cards apart with one rank.
  • Cripple | To cripple the deck is to hold all or most of the desirable cards on the board. For instance, you’ve crippled the deck if your hand holds pocket kings and the other kings flop.
  • Kicker (sidekick) | This is the stranger to the main cards you have at hand. It helps to complete your winning and determine who wins when there’s a tie.

Wrap Up: How to Start Playing Texas Hold’em Poker, India🤑

Playing Texas Hold’em Poker online is a highly enjoyable activity. The game is simple and strategic, combining the best of online casino games to offer a satisfying experience. Can’t find ideal Texas Hold’em Poker sites to start playing in India? We have you covered: our reviewers have shortlisted exceptional Indian online casinos where you can have all the fun without bothering about security. Select one and start playing: best of luck!

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