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Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) is a Twenty20 cricket league and one of three cricket leagues in Bangladesh. The tournament is inspired by the Indian Premier League (IPL) which is one of the most popular cricket leagues in the world.

Besides being one of the most anticipated sports events in Bangladesh, the interest for the BPL and betting on BPL is widespread in India. Yet, many bettors still lack the knowledge to bet on BPL which is why we’ve created this guide.

Best BPL Online Cricket Betting Sites in India🔥

First, we will look at the best BPL betting sites. We have reviewed and evaluated all the best cricket betting sites and created a shortlist of the sites you can use.

Nowadays, the majority of bets are placed online. It improves the procedure and enables you to place bets on any game and sport you choose, wherever you are. Furthermore, as you are probably aware, the purpose of our website is to recommend the top gambling sites in India, including those that provide chances to wager on the Bangladesh Premier League. In other words, you’re in luck if you’re looking for a website to place BPL bets.

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7 Rajabets Review ₹1,00,000 Bonus 200 Freespins Play Now
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11 1Xbet Review ₹26,000 Bonus 150 Freespins Play Now
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18+ | T&C's Apply | Responsible Gambling is advised. Gambling is an entertainment form that comes with a considerable risk of losing your money. Never play with more than you can afford to lose.

BPL betting

This implies that since it has already been summarised here, you don’t need to spend numerous hours browsing the web, evaluating websites, and hunting for the greatest bonuses and offers. 

Since recommending safe sites is our primary goal, we will never offer a website that we wouldn’t visit and review personally. Therefore, utilizing any of the websites listed above is safe and legal. In addition, we have reviewed each site in-depth for hundreds of hours so that you can learn more about what they have to offer and how they differ.


Frequently Asked Question About Bangladesh Premier League

⚖️ How do I know which BPL betting sites are legit?

We have compiled a summarised list of the best BPL betting sites that are completely legal and safe to use. Alternatively, check to see if the site is licensed by the appropriate regulatory body.

🔞 Can I legally bet online in Bangladesh?

Even though sports betting is illegal in Bangladesh, it is extremely popular, and many people are found betting on sports despite it. Bangladesh prohibits virtually all sports betting, but there’s no cause for concern, as prosecutions are extremely rare and thus most gamblers don’t have to worry about repercussions. However, many bettors often bet on overseas betting sites. Read more under our Is Sports Betting Legal in India section.

❓ How many teams are there in the BPL?

There are currently only 6 teams in the BPL.

⚽ Where can I learn more about BPL betting?

There are countless websites dedicated to giving us all the information and news surrounding BPL betting. We mention a few of these sites under our “Where to Find BPL Betting Information”.

💸Can I use PayPal for BPL online betting?

This depends on the betting site you will be making use of, but is accepted by many bookmakers. There will be no struggles when it comes to finding a site to bet from that accepts PayPal as a form of payment method.

💻 What should I keep in mind when betting online?

There are a few things to consider before you start betting online. The first would be find a reputable bookmaker. A few other things to look out for are bonuses that the different sites can offer you as well as their payment method options. A very important thing to also keep in mind is to set yourself a budget for betting and stick to it.

💰 Will I be taxed for my winnings in Bangladesh?

Due to gambling being illegal in Bangladesh, winnings from this activity are not subject to taxation.

💸 What different types of bets do you get in BPL betting?

The list may seem almost endless as the types of bets range from ‘League Winner’ to ‘1st Wicket Method’. We’ve listed the most popular Twenty20 cricket betting tips under our “The Best BPL Betting Tips” section.

Bangladesh Premier League | A Brief Introduction 📄

BPLThe Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) was established in 2011, and the first season featured registered players in 2012. Nine seasons have since been produced, with the most recent (2022–2023) ending in February 2023. A BPL season was not held in 2014, it should be noted. The 34 matches in the 2024 schedule are scheduled to be contested from January 6 through February 16, 2024. Are you prepared to use the top BPL cricket betting sites to place your bets?

The league featured a total of 6 franchises, and throughout the most recent seasons, all games were held in Bangladesh at the Chittagong, Dhaka, and Sylhet stadiums. The Bangladesh Cricket Board has officially organized the BPL since the 2019–2020 season to avoid biased sponsorships.

Structure of the Bangladesh Premier League’s competitions.

The Bangladesh Premier League is played in the Twenty Twenty (Twenty20 or T20) cricket format, comparable to the IPL in India. The games are played at the start of the calendar year.
Each team faces the other twice throughout the league round of the competition. 

Once all the games have been played, the top four clubs in the league table move on to the playoffs. The qualifying teams in this division of the Bangladesh Premier League compete in two qualification games, one knockout game, and a championship game. The following sports teams compete for the Bangladesh Premier League later after winning their respective qualifying games.

BPL Rules You Should Know🔎

The BPL has borrowed rules from the IPL, as follows:

  1. The maximum number of foreign players in a team is 3. There are no restrictions for Indian players.
  2. Every BPL bowler can bowl over fours.
  3. At the start of every inning comes a powerplay of 6 overs. The number of fielders who can be outside the 30-year circle is 2.
  4. In every inning, there can be two strategic timeouts. The first one is between 6-9 overs; the second one is between 13-16 overs.

As you can see, the rules are fair but effective, and they’ll guarantee entertaining gaming.

BPL Teams 🏆

As previously indicated, six teams have played in most BPL seasons, which is unlikely to alter given Bangladesh’s small size and shortage of Twenty20 teams. Comilla Victorians represent the proposed Meghna Division, while Mymensingh Division is the only league division in the nation without a representative franchise.

The BPL teams, their victories, and their standing in the league are listed here. Please be aware that some teams’ names have changed throughout the tournament’s history.

  • Chattogram Challengers is one of the original teams in BPL, and they have participated in every season. However, they’ve never won, and the team’s best performance is runner-up in the 2013 season.
  • Comilla Victorians are based in Comilla and have played in the BPL since 2015. The team has managed to be crowned champions three times in that time, making them one of the best teams in the league. They won the championship in 2022.
  • Minister Group Dhaka (formerly known as Dhaka Gladiators and Dhaka Dynamites) is one of the original BPL teams and shares the title of most wins with the Comilla Victorians, having won in 2012, 2013, and 2016. They’ve also played another two finals ending up as the runner-ups.
  • Khulna Tigers are based in Khulan and are also one of the original BPL teams. However, they did not participate in the third BPL season due to a suspension because of spot-fixing issues. The Khulna Tigers have yet to win a BPL title, although they were runners-up in 2020.
  • Sylhet Sunriser formerly known as Sylhet Thunder, is one of the original BPL teams, and they’re based in Sylhet. So far, the team has not won a single championship, and they only made it to the playoffs once in 2013.
  • Fortune Barishal, formerly known as Barisal Bulls, rejoined the league in 2022, where they were runners-up. They are scheduled to play in 2024.

Defunct teams

The following teams did not play in 2023 and are not scheduled to play in the 2024 Bangladesh Premier League season.

  • Rangpur Rangers were based in Rangpur City and have played in BPL since 2013. In 2017, they defeated the Dhaka Dynamites and won their first, and so far only, BPL title. 
  • Rajshahi Royals are based in Rajshahi and defeated the Khulna Tigers in the 2019-2020 finals. The team has participated in six of the seven BPL seasons.

Bangladesh Premier League 2024 Teams

The following teams are set to play in the 2024 tournament.

  1. Comilla Victorians
  2. Khulna Tigers
  3. Minister Group Dhaka
  4. Chattogram Challengers
  5. Rangpur Riders
  6. Sylhet Sunrisers

The Comilla Victorians will be hoping for a repeat victory in 2024 after their spectacular victory in 2022. With a 60% win rate, they will surely be the favorite!

Sylhet Strikers, who finished second to them in 2023 but lost to Comilla Victorians in the championship game, will seek retribution. When looking at the statistics, Minister Group Dhaka should not be underestimated. 

Additionally, until the first few games of the league have been played, it might be difficult to anticipate the results because all the teams have the option of purchasing fresh players. In 2024, a wildcard might win the competition!

Bangladesh Premier League’s Previous Champions

These are the results of the previous finals. The team names are their current names, not necessarily the names they played under at the time.

YearWinnerRunner Up
2023Comilla VictoriansSylhet Strikers
2022Comilla VictoriansFortune Barishal
2019-2020Rajshahi RoyalsKhulna Tigers
2018Comilla VictoriansMinister Group Dhaka
2017Rangpur RidersMinister Group Dhaka
2016Minister Group DhakaRajshahi Kings
2015Comilla VictoriansFortune Barishal
2013Dhaka GladiatorsChittagong Kings
2012Dhaka GladiatorsBarisal Burners

The Best BPL Betting Tips 💡

If you, like millions of other South Asians, are planning to bet on BPL, there are a few cricket betting tips BPL to keep in mind. First and foremost, you should only bet on teams you know well and understand. Therefore, it’s advisable to limit yourself to a few teams that you feel comfortable about and not spread yourself too thin.

Furthermore, you must understand the bets you can make and when it’s the right time to place them. By only betting on teams you know and using bets you understand, you will increase your chances of placing winning bets and making a profit.

At the same time, it can be a good idea to mix live bets with pre-game bets for more opportunities. Some of the most popular Twenty20 bets are:

  • League Winner: Which team will win in the final match.
  • Match Winner: A bet on the winner of individual matches.
  • Best batsman: The top run scorer requires you to bet on the player that will score the most runs throughout a Bangladesh Premier League season or for an individual match.
  • Best bowler: This bet requires you to predict which bowler will have the best bowling average during a single match or throughout the season.
  • Match favorite (player): A Man of the Match is declared at the end of every match. You can put a wager on who you think this will be.
  • League favorite (player): Similar to the Man of the match, but over the whole season.
  • Toss winner: Bet on which captain will win the toss. Another side bet could be if he decides to bat or bowl first.
  • First 6 overruns: You’re betting on: which team will have scored more runs after they have completed their first innings.
  • Fall of 1st Wicket: This bet will require you to predict when the first wicket will fall.
  • 1st Wicket Method: First wicket method is how a fielding side can get the first wicket of an innings or a match. Will he be run out, caught, bowled out, or suffer an LBW?
  • 50 scored points in the match: You’re betting on whether the batsman will score 50 or more runs in their innings.
  • 100 scored points in the match: Similar to 50 scored runs, but whether a batsman will score a century.

With that said, the number of bets you can place is almost indefinite, and they can vary depending on which betting site you use or in which segment of the tournament the teams are.

Bangladesh Premier League Betting Odds

When you want to get the most out of your money while betting on the Bangladesh Premier League, we advise you to dive deeper into the BPL betting odds. But what are they, and how do they work?

The cricket betting odds are something to watch out for when searching for the best BPL betting site. BPL odds vary between different betting sites. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to “shop the odds,” as we like. 

The better the odds, the more money that can be won. The framework of betting on the Bangladesh Premier League is similar to other cricket betting games. They are often represented as betting odds for various outcomes, with the odds varying according to the result.

BPL betting odds

You could, for example, bump into the following Bangladesh Premier League betting odds example.

We will explain the BPL betting odds based on the above example. Imagine you bet 1,000 rupees on the Chattogram Challengers to win. Did they win? Awesome, you get 2,000 rupees back after placing your bet, which means you won 1,000 rupees.

Did you bet 2,000 rupees for the Chattogram Challengers and the Minister Group Dhaka to play a draw, and they do? Be ready to receive 2,100 rupees on top of your initial 1,000 rupees BPL bet.

Now that you understand how the Bangladesh Premier League betting odds work, it’s time to start looking at and comparing the best BPL betting sites to find the best cricket betting odds and score the most money!

Parlay Betting on BPL 🤞

Sports tournaments are the perfect opportunity to place Parlay and Round Robin bets.

Also known as an accumulator bet, the parlay betting strategy has the potential to increase your winnings far more than individual bets do. Instead of putting a separate wager for each game or round within an event, when you parlay, a series of smaller parlays are made from a bigger list of teams. It is essentially one wager made up of two or smaller bets.

A parlay odds calculator, accessible on betting websites, is the simplest and fastest way to figure out parlay payouts. To calculate the odds on your bets, convert them to decimal form. After that, add the decimal odds to determine the parlay’s overall odds. All the stuff will be handled for you by the odds calculator! With a parlay bet, you can get a big payout for a relatively small investment. The drawback is that you lose everything if you lose one wager.

An alternative to the parlay betting strategy is the Round Robin. Similar to a parlay, except it excludes any teams who have lost. Therefore, you will still earn a win even if only one team wins their match. Although the chances are lower than in a traditional parlay, the risk is smaller.

Where to Find Information about BPL Betting 📚

BPLAlong with having a solid understanding of the fundamentals of betting and how to take advantage of every chance, you should make an effort to keep up with the most recent BPL news and information. That covers professional betting tips, roster adjustments, player additions, etc.

It’s also advised to subscribe to a few cricket news websites. Fortunately, a wide range of cricket resources is easily accessible online and free. And it shouldn’t be difficult for you to identify a handful that you like and that offer reliable and accurate BPL betting advice.

In case you’re unsure where to start, we’ve listed three of the best cricket betting tips:

  • Cricketworld.com – This is the epitome of an international cricket website with information about all the biggest and smallest cricket leagues in the world, including the Bangladesh Premier League. Here you can find the latest news and updates around BPL and predictions for upcoming games. If you don’t have a good cricket resource yet, this site is a great first start.
  • Cricketbetting.net – Similar to the site above, this website covers all things cricket. However, these resources aim toward betting tips and information instead of focusing on news and predictions. This is a perfect resource if you aim to learn more about how to bet on BPL.
  • ESPNCRICINFO – This is one of the main international cricket websites operated by the sports giant ESPN. Latest updates, cricket news, PBL predictions, expert comments, and everything you need to bet on BPL under the same roof.

Best Apps For BPL Betting 📱

Most people who bet online in India and Bangladesh do so on a smartphone. Most people in the area use their smartphones instead of laptops and desktop computers because they have access to them more frequently.

Betting apps bpl

Fortunately, many best BPL betting applications are available for mobile devices and windows. Now, with very few exceptions, the most popular betting applications are those run by the leading betting sites. The likelihood that a website you enjoy in the list above also has a fantastic app that you can use is very high.

You can learn more about these betting apps in the reviews we’ve written of betting sites or just browse our list of recommended apps. Additionally, most betting sites feature fully functional mobile in-browser versions of their software if you don’t feel like downloading apps. All you need to do is go to the site from your mobile browser and log into the online BPL betting site.

BPL Live Streaming Sites 🎥

Betting is not as exciting if you can’t watch the games you’re betting on. And since BPL is a rather small cricket league, the TV coverage of the games is limited compared to, for example, IPL or the Cricket World Cup.

Many betting sites offer live streaming services to combat this issue, where you can watch the games directly on your computer or smartphone. Most of these services are free as long as you have an account and have deposited money, but some sites require you to bet money on the games you want to watch.

Watching BPL games live has never been easy; you only need a smartphone and a decent internet connection. To find a good site to stream BPL games from, we refer you to our recommendations or reviews, which mention which sites offer streaming and which don’t.

How To Deposit Money to Bet on BPL 💰

Before betting on BPL using real money, you must deposit money into your account. This is a straightforward procedure, and it looks the same no matter which site you want to use.

Keep in mind that you have to verify your identity before you can withdraw your winnings. and This can take a few hours up to a couple of days. Therefore, you should register an account and verify your identity a few days before the game you want to bet on starts. This is how you do it:

  1. Find a site that you want to use

  2. Follow the links to register an account

  3. Provide all the necessary information (name, address, email, etc.)

  4. Follow the verification instructions. In most cases, you must submit a photocopy of your ID (passport or driver’s licence)

  5. Wait for the site to verify you

  6. Pick a payment method and make your initial deposit

As you can see, the process is relatively straightforward, and you can have your account up and running in no time. 

BPL Betting Bonuses 🎁

BPLMake sure to choose the BPL betting site that offers you the most value simply for signing up since all the top BPL betting sites in India feature betting bonuses and offers for new users.
Since the growth of online sports betting, customers have been in fierce competition. 

Online BPL cricket betting sites provide generous rewards to attract your customer interest. Nonetheless, these are some available betting bonuses.

It’s key to remember that you may use these bonuses for BPL Cricket wagering, which will provide players with a significant boost when placing their initial bets.

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