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Evolution Gaming has did it again! Spin the Crazy Time wheel that could multiply your wins multiple times! Bonus opportunities, multipliers and live gambling elements with the best of animated RNG gameplay is what you can find.

To prepare you for this updated version of another Evolution Gaming classic—Dream Catcher—we have dug deep into the way the game works to provide you this complete beginner’s gambling guide. Are you ready to play Crazy Time?

What is Crazy Time? ❔

The name of this game gives you a good indicator of what to expect, as it is a casino creation packed with surprises, multipliers and bonus opportunities. It cleverly combines the Wheel of Fortune and Roulette, as well as live elements like a live game host with the best of animation and RNG gaming.

For anyone who loves online casino game shows, Crazy Time is going to come as a big (and positive) surprise. Here you will find bonuses of up to 25,000x the original value, which could lead to huge wins and an unforgettable adrenaline rush.

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18+ | T&C's Apply | Responsible Gambling is advised. Gambling is an entertainment form that comes with a considerable risk of losing your money. Never play with more than you can afford to lose.

Crazy Time Casino

Live-Stream & a Real Dealer

This hybrid live casino game takes place in real-time, which means that a gambling studio transmits live for you to follow the game in detail. There is a real game show host, just like in the game shows you might have watched on TV, and you get the opportunity to interact directly with him or her as well as with the other players.

You will be able to hear the live host although she will not be able to hear you or fellow players. You will be able to interact with the live host as well as other players via a chat function on your mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Few Game Rules

Not everyone likes complex casino games like Poker, where you have to understand the game for a fair chance to win, and here it is instead all about luck. A beginner has the same chance to win as someone who has been playing Crazy Time for years, and the simplicity of the game is one of its biggest assets.

Improved Version of Roulette

Classic live casino Roulette is not too complicated in itself, but not everyone feels ready to give up slots for such a sophisticated and sometimes monotone game. Crazy Time gives players a chance to play both slots and Roulette at the same time, as it has found a revolutionary way to combine both concepts.

If regular Roulette doesn’t fulfil your gambling desires, and if you still feel you want to try something other than just slot games, then Crazy Time casinos are a must-try.

A Game with Choices

There are four bonus games alongside the main game, and in two of these, you get a chance to make a choice. The game still has a random outcome—one that cannot be predicted, but the opportunity to choose puts you in more control than you would have been playing a normal online slot machine.

Who Developed the Crazy Time Live Online Casino Game Show?🤷

One of the best leading gaming online casino providers of Crazy time Evolution Gaming developers of the new live online casino game show. Crazy Time took a year to develop and is the most expensive game developed to date by Evolution Gaming.

Crazy time casino online game shows have really taken off with a BOOM. Evolution Gaming wanted to develop a game that would captivate the players in just the same way a live game show captivates its audience while watching it on a television screen. Hats off, to Evolution Gaming providers, they did just that and so much more.

So, if you want to know where to play crazytime and join in on all the fun and excitement, you can start by downloading the app from one of the leading online casinos, on your mobile device, tablet, or computer. And in no time, you will be joining in on a thrilling and exciting adventure.

History of Evolution Gaming

The founder and CEO of Evolution is Jens von Bahr since 2006 when Evolution was established in Europe. Joel Citron was elected the Evolution board head of the company in 2015. Evolution has been named the live casino supplier of the year ten times at the EGR B2B awards. Evolution Gaming is all about mission, vision, and values.

Crazy Times Overview ✔️

RTP: 96.08%
Bonus Games: Yes
Scatter Symbol: Bonus Symbol
Free Spins: No
Jackpot: No

How to Play Crazy Time at an Online Casino 🕵

Take one look at Crazy Time and let yourself be amazed by the studio production that is required to live-stream game after game. In addition, the graphics are top-notch, and it is not hard to see how this can be one of the most expensive Evolution Gaming games ever made.

So, how do you play? The game consists of the main game with its live elements, making Crazy Time qualify as a live casino game, and animated RNG-controlled bonus games. Playing is easy and uncomplicated, but to get a better grasp, it can be helpful to understand how the game works and what to expect when playing.

Main Game

At the Crazy Time casino, the first part of the game takes you straight into the live studio, where a person stands next to the wheel and spins it when you hit start. The wheel is divided into slots, and most have a number—1, 2, 5 and 10—on it. Sequences of 5 can be seen on the wheel, where five numbers are followed by a bonus slot, then five more numbers, bonus, etc, etc.

You will have a few seconds to place your bets. Once your bets are placed, above the wheel is a slot machine. Once your bets are placed the slot machine above the wheel will select a random multiplier between 2 times and 50 times. At the same time, the host will spin the wheel. If the wheel lands on your bet, you win with the selected multiplier. If the wheel stops on a mini-game, then that mini-game selected will start.

Choosing Your Odds

You play by guessing the number the wheel will stay on, and there are fewer slots with 5 and 10, and more slots with 1 and 2. The reason for this is to create a more exciting game, where it is up to you if you want to bet on a more common number with a bigger chance to win but a smaller payout, or a number that is harder to get but generates bigger wins.

Top Slot

Right above the wheel you will see a Top Slot, which spins together with the wheel. The slot reveals one multiplier and one symbol that corresponds with the symbols on the wheel, and if the symbol happens to be the same as the symbol on the wheel closest to it—you win if you’ve placed your bets right!

Multipliers on Bets & Bonuses

If the wheel and the top slot align with a matching symbol, you can either get your game bet multiplied, or win bonus game multipliers. Both scenarios have the potential to generate big wins, and if you are lucky, you can get up to 20,000x your original stake.

Bonus Games

It is when you win a bonus game that the fun starts, and this part of the game also has the game host actively participating. Casino Crazy Time is a game that can be played by multiple players from all over the world, and there is virtually no upper limit for how many players can participate. If someone else wins a bonus, you can watch the bonus game but you won’t be able to take part.

This basic bonus game can get you that dream win if you are lucky! It starts with two random multipliers appearing on the screen, and one is assigned to the colour blue and the other to the colour red. A coin with a blue and a red side is then flipped and the side facing up wins.

The coin flip mini-game will be the most frequent mini-game selected because it has the most segments on the wheel. With a coin flip option, you are guaranteed to win something. A multiplier is assigned to both the blue coin and the red coin, one multiplier is low and the other will be higher.

The coin will be flipped into a flip-O-Matic machine by the host, which will flip the coins. The up-facing coin will be declared the winner and the players assigned to that colour will win with the assigned multiplier.

Sometimes when the allocated multiplier is low, a rescue flip might occur, which means that the coin will be flipped again. When the mini-game has come to the end, the game will restart again and you can start placing your bets.

The Pachinko bonus game features a wall with pegs all over it, and when the game starts, the game host drops a puck from the top. The puck makes it’s way down and changes direction depending on how it hits the pegs, and you win the multiplier the puck eventually lands on.

You can get extra lucky if the puck lands on ‘DOUBLE’, as this not only doubles all the multiplier values at the bottom of the game board, but it also lets you drop the puck again.

The pachinko wall has 16 drop zones and 16 prize zones. Each of the landing or prize zones will have a multiplier or a double. From a randomly selected drop zone, the host will drop a puck. The puck will work its way down the board until it lands on one of the prize zones. If the puck lands on a double, then the multipliers in the prize zones will double. After a double has been hit the host will then drop another puck into the drop zone.

You will win the amount of the multiplier the puck has landed on in the prize zone. If the puck lands on a low multiplier, sometimes a rescue drop might occur, which means the host will drop another puck in hopes that it lands on a higher multiplier prize zone.

Since this casino game is a hybrid game with both live elements and RNG, here is where you will step into a virtual gambling studio with an animated wheel. The game host stands in front of the wheel and hits a big red button once all players choose which flapper to bet on. The color options are blue, yellow and green.

You win the multiplier the flapper points to when it stops, and you can also get a ‘DOUBLE’ or ‘TRIPLE’ that doubles or triples the multipliers, and spins the wheel again to increase your winnings.

The Crazy Time mini bonus game is where you could potentially win a large amount of money. The Crazy Time wheel greets you as soon as you have entered the red door. The wheel is filled with 64 segments with multipliers in them. You will need to choose between blue, green, or yellow. Then the wheel is spun.

Wherever the wheel lands you will win that prize in that segment. However, if the wheel stops on a double or triple all multipliers will be either doubled or tripled. The wheel will spin again until it lands on a multiplier.

In this bonus game, you have 108 fun symbols with a multiplier hiding behind each one. The symbols are scattered before you start so that you won’t know for sure where all the multipliers are hiding, and you make your choice before the timer hits zero.

Once you think you know where the multiplier with the biggest value sits, you click it and when the time runs out, a cannon shoots and reveals what is hiding behind the symbol. All players choose their own symbols and you end up winning more than just one multiplier per bonus round. This bonus game is RNG controlled.

Operating on two segments of the Crazy Time wheel is the cash hunt. The Crazy Time cash hunt contains 108 random multipliers which get covered by symbols and shuffled, so you have no idea where they are hiding. What you need to do is try to find the highest multiplier by shooting a cannon at a symbol where you think the highest multiplier is hiding.

If you fail to choose a symbol in the allocated time a symbol will be chosen for you. Once your symbol has been chosen, your multiplier will then be revealed.


Frequently Asked Questions About Crazy Time Casino

💳 How Much Can You Win on Crazy Time?

When you play Crazy Time, you can win 20,000x your bet, and that is not counting the bonus generated multipliers.

🔔 How Many Bonus Rounds Does Crazy Time Have?

Crazy Time has four bonus rounds: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Crazy Time Bonus and Pachinko.

🎰 Where Can I Play Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a live game that can be found at any online casino with Evolution Gaming live games, and it is widely available at online casinos in India.

🇮🇳 Is Crazy Time Popular in India?

Being one of Evolution Gaming’s most popular live games, it is considered one of the top game show casino games in India.

📱 What Type of Game is Crazy Time?

This casino game is a live game that is played in real-time, and it falls under the game show casino game category.

💸 What is the Crazy Time RTP?

The RTP for Crazy Time is 96.08%.

🤔 Can You Use Strategies in Crazy Time?

There are a few strategies that could be useful when playing Crazy Time, such as the Martingale strategy, Low-Volatility strategy and Probabilistic strategy.

🎯 Is Crazy Time a Live Casino Game?

Yes, Crazy Time is a live game where a game host guides you through the experience. The game is live-streamed from a casino studio.

Crazy Time Wheel probabilities🎡

Wondering what your chances are for hitting the Crazy Time wheel? Listed below are the crazytime stats  of you hitting the Crazy Time wheel.

What are the Crazy Time Game Rules? 🔍

Crazy Time is a very straightforward game with an RTP of 96.08%, where the player has an approximate chance of scoring a bonus every six rounds or so. These are pretty impressive odds, and it’s not hard to see why people all over India and the world are raging about it.

There are no specific rules to keep track of as the game host guides you throughout the whole game, and since you are playing together with other players, it becomes an easy game for beginners to learn.

As a player, all you need to do is to place your bets, make your guesses when prompted and cross your fingers. The parts that aren’t live are controlled by RNG to make sure the game produces fair results.

Tips For Crazy Time Live Online Casino Game Show💡

Here are a few tips to help increase your crazy time odds when playing Crazy Time in a live online casino.

  1. Make sure you set a separate budget for gambling and stick to it.
  2. When betting on Crazy Time in a live online casino, remember to make sure your wager is enough, so when you get multipliers, you have the opportunity to win BIG.
  3. Always gamble with a clear mind.
  4. It is advised never to chase your losses; you might end up in a bigger hole.
  5. Always play responsibly.
  6. Finally, ALWAYS make sure you are having FUN.

Crazy Time Bets 🏁

What makes Crazy Time a fun game to play is that you choose how you want to place your bets. You pick your bet on the wheel, and then you have multiple choices in the four bonus games. It gives you a unique opportunity to control your gambling budget but also to feel like you have more of an impact on the actual results.

Crazy Time Strategies 💻

Let’s talk about strategies! A strategy can’t make you win a game, as the outcome is random, but it can increase your chances of winning without the risk of a big loss. One of the best Crazy Time strategies is to place a bet on all four of the available bonus games, and to start with low stakes per bet and increase them slightly if you lose, since you should statistically be more likely to win the second time.

It is, however, a slippery slope, and you should set up some limits for yourself so that you know when to take a pause or stop playing for the day. Let’s have a look at a couple of other useful strategies when playing at a Crazy Time casino.

Probabilistic Strategy

This strategy requires a bit of brain work and patience, and it is ideal for long-term players who are interested in finding patterns in the way the machine generates results. This can be done by looking at the game results history, and especially the last 60 rounds, as these will contain useful information for the experienced player.

What you would be looking for is a result that tends to be hit every six times or so, as these are considered worth betting on. A more rare result would most likely only lead to a loss of money in the long-run. A strategy like this is not useful for most people, but could potentially give some insight to the analytical player.

Low-Volatility Strategy

When using the low-volatility strategy, your aim is to bet on multiple different things within the same game, and to basically spread your bets as much as possible. This means you won’t bet all your money on one symbol or one game outcome, but smaller amounts on as many possible outcomes as possible.

These types of strategies make it less likely for you to guess right and win, but it is important to keep in mind that if you do win, your total winnings are likely going to be smaller than if you would have bet big on one outcome.

Medium Volatility Strategy

The objective of the medium volatility strategies is to bet on the mini bonus games as well as on number 2, as number 2 has the most segments on the wheel and comes up most of the time. This will better your crazy time statistics.

High Volatility Strategy

Crazy time stratistics strategy is rather risky but could pay out a rather welcoming large amount of money. If you like to take risks, then this strategy is for you. The objective of the high volatility crazy time bet strategy is to bet only on the mini bonus games.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy is the one briefly mentioned previously in this article. You start by betting on all four bonus rounds, and you start with the lowest stakes possible. If you lose, you raise your stakes and bet on all four bonus rounds again, and you continue to do so until you win. When you win, you start over with the lowest bet again.

This strategy is built on the belief that a bonus round is hit every six rounds in Crazy Time, and you can use this knowledge to calculate a budget for your gambling. The result will help you determine when and if you should stop, and prevent you from any significant losses as long as you stick to the strategy rules.

Best Crazy Time Casinos 🏆

Evolution Gaming is an incredibly popular game provider, and you find their games at most live casinos or online casinos offering a live game category. If the casino has Evolution Gaming live games, then it is almost a guarantee you will find Crazy Time in the Crazy Time casino game catalogue, as it is a clear player favourite!

Crazy Time Casino Bonus 🎁

What has made this live casino game so popular is its bonus features! You can cross your fingers for one of the four in-game bonus opportunities, and enjoy the multipliers and extra winnings that they generate.

You can also keep an eye out for online casino bonuses that can be used for live games! Some online casinos offer live game bonuses, such as cashback bonuses, rewards for returning players and even welcome bonuses you can use when gambling live! As opposite to the in-game bonuses, however, external bonus offers often have wagering requirements.

Crazy time RTP Bet Average🔥

The average TRP of Crazy Time is 96.08%. Here is an average RTP list of each bet, it could be higher or lower depending on your bet.

1 96.08% RTP
2 95.95% RTP
5 95.78% RTP
10 95.73% RTP
Pachinko 94.33% RTP
Cash hunt 95.27% RTP
Coin flip 95.70% RTP
Crazy time 94.41% RTP

Worth Playing Crazy Time or Crazy?🤪

Although it is a Crazy Time game of chance, we would definitely recommend you play Crazytime and say yes, it is worth playing especially if it’s the excitement and entertainment you are after.

This multi-player Crazy time live casino game show has so much to offer you, with being a multi-player crazy time casino game you have the option to interact with the other players as well as the host. Crazy Time live stream game show makes you feel like you are in a real land-based casino.

Like no other live game show, Crazy Time is really one of the top live game shows available today. Don’t waste any more time and give it a go, you won’t regret it.

Conclusion of Crazy Time Live Online Game🤔

Crazy time casino online, a new gaming show live-streamed from an online casino absolutely catches players’ attention with its vibrant theme and colourful design. Crazy Time gambling, a live online casino game has really taken players by storm with all the multipliers and bonuses the game provides. Do not be left behind, this action-packed game offers all the fun and excitement beyond your imagination. Come and play Crazytime.

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