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A Blackjack Guide
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Also known as 21 or Twenty One, Blackjack is a fun and classic casino game that is well-played around the globe and enjoyed by players in India who wish to engage in the legal gameplay of reputable online casinos.

If you are interested in this exciting game, you can learn all the necessary information about blackjack casino gameplay by reading this article, including details of the top online blackjack casino sites to play blackjack safely.

How to Play Blackjack Online in India 🃏

To explain better how online blackjack real money is played at a blackjack casino, we’ll walk you through a standard round of blackjack. Note that there can be more than one player seated at the same blackjack table and that all players play simultaneously. However, the goal is not to beat the other players. Instead, each player has to beat the dealer on their own accord.

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18+ | T&C's Apply | Responsible Gambling is advised. Gambling is an entertainment form that comes with a considerable risk of losing your money. Never play with more than you can afford to lose.

Blackjack Bonus

A round of blackjack online can be divided into the following 6 steps.

Step 1 – Each player buys into the game by placing their initial bet on the table.
Step 2 – With all the bets placed, the dealer deals one card facing up to all the players and one card facing down to themselves. Then each player, as well as the dealer, gets one card facing up.
Step 3 – Each player has to calculate the value of their hands. At this point, you can have a hand worth between 4 and 21 points. A hand worth 21 at this point is a blackjack, meaning you’ve won.
Step 4 – Next, all the players that didn’t get a blackjack will get a chance to play, and there are a few options to choose from.
  • Hit – If you want a new card, you decide to hit. The new card is always dealt face up.
  • Stand – If you don’t want a new card because you might exceed 21 points, you choose to stand, hoping that the dealer has fewer points than you.
  • Double Down – If you think you have a good chance of winning, you can choose to Double Down before playing, meaning you double your bet.
  • Split – When dealt two identical cards, you can split them into two hands and get one new card per hand. When you do this, your original bet is automatically doubled.
  • Surrender – In some versions of blackjack, you can surrender or fold and get half of your bet back.
Step 5 – When each player has decided, the dealer flips their face-down card to reveal their hand. If the dealer has 21 (blackjack), the house wins, and everyone else loses (except for players that already had a blackjack). Otherwise, the dealer follows predetermined rules on how to bet. In most online blackjack games, the dealer has to take a new card if the hand is worth 16 or fewer points and stand if the hand is worth 17 or higher.
Step 6 – If no player has won at this point, another round of playing is conducted following the rules from point 4.

These six steps above sum up the blackjack gameplay and its basic rules. Players new to the game can see that it is straightforward to play; just stick to the rules, and you can have immense fun playing blackjack online on your favourite casino sites.

FAQ 🙋‍♀️

Frequently Asked Questions About Blackjack

🃏 Is 21 and Blackjack the same game?

Yes! 21 is just another name given to Blackjack because the game requires the player to get a total sum of 21 from their cards to get the blackjack.

🎲 How many players are there in Blackjack?

The rules state it is a 2+ player game; however, the game usually consists of between 2 and 7 players. Read more under our “Blackjack Rules” section.

👍 Is Blackjack easy to learn and play?

Yes! You’ll probably find blackjack one of the easiest card games to play at a casino, whether online or land-based. You’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to play Blackjack under our “How to Play Blackjack in India” section.

🔞 How old must I be to play Blackjack?

This will depend on which online casino you’re playing at, and where in the world they’re based. While most countries have made the minimum gambling age 18, a handful of countries have made their legal gambling age 21 years and older.

🤔 Can I play Blackjack with a live dealer?

Yes! If the casino you choose to play at offers Live Games, you can play Blackjack with a live dealer. We explain more about this under our “Best Blackjack Online Casino Sites in India” section.

💰 What payment methods can I make use of?

This all depends on the casino you’re playing at. Each casino has options of deposit and withdrawal methods; you will just need to research the casino before playing and ensure they offer your preferred payment option.

🤷 Can you play Live Blackjack without betting?

Unfortunately, no.

🤯 Is Blackjack rigged online?

No! Because casinos use a random number generator (RNG), which controls the outcome of online casino games, online blackjack games cannot be rigged.

Bets Blackjack Online 💰

The blackjack game pits players against a dealer, and the ultimate goal of the gameplay is to win by being the closest to or hitting 21 without going over, hence the nickname, 21. If you go over 21, you go “bust”, meaning you lose the online blackjack game and your wager.Best online blackjack

For this explanation on placing blackjack bets online, CBL will describe the live casino blackjack game; however, players who prefer to play the automated RNG blackjack versions should know that the rules of the gameplay are similar.

The online blackjack India betting round lasts for a while before the dealer stops all players from placing further bets. During this time, you can place an online blackjack bet by clicking on the casino chips on the blackjack table; some game versions would allow you to manually fill in the bet amount.

There are various blackjack betting options for players to have fun and place wagers with; aside from the basic blackjack bets, other online blackjack side betting options include:

  1. Blackjack Insurance Bets

    This bet uses half of your original bet amount and can be placed when the dealer drops an ace on the game table. You get 1x your bet if the dealer gets blackjack. Else, you lose your insurance.

  2. Blackjack Perfect Pairs Sidebet

    When your first two cards are the same pair, you can win this side bet. It depends on whether it’s a mixed pair, coloured pair or perfect match.

  3. 21+3 Sidebet

    This online blackjack bet combines the shared hand and the face-up card from the dealer. The better the hand, the higher the pay! You can make a flush, straight, three-of-a-kind, blackjack straight flush or a suited three-of-a-kind.

  4. Super Sevens

    When using this online blackjack side bet, you have to gather the sevens. You win when the first played card is a seven.

  5. Lucky Ladies

    You need to score all the queens when using the Lucky Ladies side bets during a casino blackjack game. Gather 2 heart queens.

  6. Royal Match

    This is a bet on the first two cards a player is dealt. You win this side bet if your cards are a royal match and belong to the same suit; a King and Queen pair of the same suit.

  7. Unique Situations in Blackjack

    In addition to the regular gameplay, certain situations can change how the game is played.

    Dealer Gets 10 – If the dealer’s card facing up is worth 10, he plays his hand before the other players. In case the dealer has a blackjack, the round is over, and every player that doesn’t also have a blackjack loses.

    Insurance – In some blackjack variations, the players can get insurance if the dealer has an ace facing up. The insurance is a side game worth half of your initial bet and protects you if the dealer gets a blackjack. In other words, insurance is a way to bet on the dealer getting a blackjack.

    Dead Hand – In the unlikely case that all players go bust before the dealer shows the second card, the game is terminated immediately.

It is critical for success that players in India play this game using strategy, or else they make unnecessary mistakes and lose huge sums. Before engaging in online blackjack real money , you must learn how to play the game; this way, you’ll have more fun and better winning chances.

To help you have a pleasant experience betting on online blackjack real money, we have created a well-detailed guide that covers all the necessary information about this casino game. This blackjack guide is perfect for all beginners looking to learn the basics of the game and gain some useful tips and strategies to increase their winning chances.

After reading this article, you should be able to play online casino blackjack in India on your preferred casino online sites or land-based casinos.

Best Blackjack Online Casino Sites in India 🏆

Playing blackjack online in India works similarly to playing at a land-based casino. At least in terms of the rules.online Blackjack sites

If you want to play blackjack online, you have two options. Firstly, there are simple blackjack tables that operate similar to online slots, meaning you’ll be playing against a computer without other players present. Many of the online casinos that we recommend offer this feature.

Even though this can be a fun way to play blackjack online, it’s far from the best or most authentic way. Instead, we suggest you play blackjack online real money at a live casino.

When playing blackjack online at an Indian live casino, you will be playing just like you would at a regular casino. The only difference is that you can do it using your smartphone or computer without ever leaving your home.

Live casino blackjack is exciting because you can play with a live-streamed dealer and other players at the same table. This also means you can apply real black jack strategies and increase your chances of winning.

Playing Live Blackjack ♠️

Live dealer Blackjack If you decide to play the online blackjack casino game, you can pick between the immersive live dealer option and the automated RNG option. Although both versions are exciting and rewarding, more players stick to a blackjack live casino because it offers gameplay that is akin to that available in land-based casinos.

The live casino blackjack is interactive and exciting, allowing players to communicate with other players and the live dealer through a chat section. While playing live blackjack for real money, players would notice that they can see multiple views of the game studio in high definition. This is because game providers use high-tech cameras to stream the gameplay, offering a superb gambling experience that makes you feel right in the studio. You can also hear the dealer speak clearly as these providers use high-quality microphones to ensure the dealers are audible.

You can play live blackjack in multiple variations, and the casinos allow you to pick a table based on your preferred language. Players must remember that these live blackjack games typically have higher betting limits than the automated version, so always check the betting range first.

What to Look out for in a Blackjack Casino🕵️‍♀️

There are almost endless amounts of online blackjack casinos on the internet, but how do you know which one would be the best for you? You’ll want to stay safe when transacting online, so there are a few things you will need to look for when choosing your real online blackjack casino.

One of the most important things you should look for in blackjack casinos is whether they’re licensed. A casino that holds a licence can guarantee your online safety. There are quite a few regulatory bodies that issue casino licences, so you can look for one of these names within the footer of a blackjack online casino:

  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
  • UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)
  • ACT Gambling and Racing Commission
  • Curaçao eGaming Authority
  • Gibraltar Licencing and Regulatory Authority

Another thing to look for when playing at a new online blackjack casino site is the bonuses on offer when signing up. Bonuses are there to attract new players to join an online blackjack casino, reward existing customers, or entice old customers to return. These bonuses can come in multiple forms, such as free spins, cashback, or even free cash to play with.

Blackjack Rules 📜

The basic rules of blackjack are surprisingly easy. As mentioned, blackjack is played against a dealer – in this case, referred to as “the house”. You aim to get a hand worth 21 points or closer to 21 than the house. However, you cannot exceed 21 points because you go bust and lose the round.

If the first two cards you’re dealt are worth 21 points, you get a blackjack which means you automatically win. Unless the dealer also has a blackjack, that is. Then you get your initial bet back.

The game is commonly played with between six and eight decks of standard playing cards. The fewer decks that are used, the easier it is to win. Therefore, it’s recommended that you try to find blackjack tables with as few decks as possible.

This game is different from many other casino table games because the cards have special values, i.e. they represent different points. Naturally, you have to understand this clearly before you start playing.

The Card Values 📊

As you probably know, a standard deck of playing cards consists of 52 cards, split into four different suits with 13 cards per suit. When playing online blackjack, the suits don’t serve a purpose, so you can ignore them.

  • Cards 2-10 are worth the value on the face of the card, meaning a 3 is worth 3 points, an 8 is worth 8 points, etc.
  • The face cards – Jack, Queen, and King – are worth 10 points each.
  • Ace is worth either 1 or 11 points, depending on the value of the other cards on your hand.

The role of the blackjack casino game and the only way to win the gameplay is to get a hand with cards that give 21 total points. One straightforward way to do this and win immediately is to have one face card, or a card numbered 10 and an ace.

Blackjack Strategy and Charts 📝

Blackjack strategies is an important topic that you have to study when you want to play at a blackjack casino. When talking about strategies in blackjack, most people talk about two different methods, which we have highlighted below.

Blackjack charts are a tool you can use to determine which move is best based on the cards that have been dealt. Better yet, a blackjack chart is just a simple chart that anyone can read and understand.

The use of blackjack charts is banned at regular casinos because the casinos don’t want you to get too much of an advantage over the house. That means you must memorise the chart to apply the strategy when playing at casinos.

On the other hand, when playing blackjack at an online live casino, nothing stops you from using a chart to optimise your chances of winning. In fact, we suggest you use a blackjack chart when playing online because – why wouldn’t you?

Does Counting Cards Work?

Counting cards to increase your chances of winning works when playing Blackjack online at a blackjack casino.

You might have heard about the concept of counting cards before. It’s a concept that’s well-known all over the world and that they have made many movies and written several books about.

Counting cards is considered cheating, but only if you get caught. And, once again, nothing stops you from doing that when you play online. Just remember that you can only count cards as long as the decks aren’t shuffled between each round, which they often are when playing at live casinos.

Learning how to count cards is not easy. It’s rather the opposite. It requires you to be able to count extremely quickly, and your maths knowledge has to be well over average. Because of that, we won’t go into any details about card counting.

Blackjack Payouts & Odds🤑

To enjoy betting on exciting gameplay in online blackjack Indian casinos, it is essential for players to learn the payouts associated with the available blackjack betting options. Below, we have listed the payout you can get using any betting option for blackjack gameplay at an online casino, as well as the outcome for a potential bet of ₹10,000.

Winning HandPayout₹10,000 Bet Outcome
Regular Wins1:1₹20,000 (₹10,000 + ₹10,000)
Insurance2:1₹30,000 (₹10,000 + ₹20,000)
Blackjack3:2₹25,000 (₹10,000 + ₹15,000)

Funding Your Blackjack Casino Account💳

To engage in blackjack online fore real money, players must make deposits to fund their casino bankroll. Before you sign up for any online casino, it is important to check the payment methods you can use to ensure your preferred options are available. Before you select a payment method for depositing funds, here are some essential factors to consider:

  1. Make sure the blackjack online casino you choose uses advanced encryption and security measures.
  2. Become familiar with the available payment methods and pick the one you feel is the most secure.
  3. Check your browser for the padlock symbol whenever you conduct any financial transaction online. Any communication between you and the site is encrypted, and you do not need to worry about it.

Players looking to complete anonymous and instant payments with minimal commissions are advised to use cryptocurrencies over fiat payment methods. The common payment methods available for blackjack online casino players in India include;play casinos with blackjack

  • NetBanking
  • UPI
  • Payeer
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

Online Blackjack Casino Bonus 🎁

A great way to play fun blackjack games online is with online casino promotions. The best blackjack casinos offer all players these bonuses as an incentive to convince them to sign up or make deposits to engage in online casino gameplay. New players are often serenaded with a generous welcome bonus, while existing players can partake in deposit bonuses on their favourite blackjack casinos.

You will likely find a casino bonus for automated RNG blackjack gameplay. However, there are still options for players interested in live blackjack games; they will have to look harder for a live casino bonus. It is important to note that some online casino bonuses can only be redeemed on specific games, and blackjack is often exempt from these games. Ensure you read the bonus terms and conditions before accepting any blackjack casino bonus offer; check to be sure that the wagering requirements are fair and attainable.

How does a Blackjack Bonus work?🤔

While there are slight differences with each different blackjack online bonus you get, the way they all work is essentially the same. Each bonus offered by a casino comes with different wagering requirements, so it is always important to go over the casino’s terms and conditions. To maximise the outcome of your blackjack bonus, choose a casino that offers big bonuses along with low wagering requirements!

Blackjack No Deposit Bonus

Similar to other kinds of no deposit bonus offers, a blackjack no deposit bonus allows players to enjoy free bonus blackjack gameplay. This bonus is hard to come about; however, players get the opportunity to enjoy free bonuses and gameplay without depositing any money to fund their bankroll. This means you can play real money blackjack online with no risk and win real money from the gameplay. Terms and conditions like wagering conditions apply to these rewards, so remember to pay attention to them.

Blackjack Welcome Bonus

blackjack live indiaA blackjack welcome bonus, sometimes called a signup bonus, is offered purely to new customers. These exist to entice and attract new players to sign up with the specific casino. Each blackjack welcome bonus will differ from casino to casino, as each is trying to make its offer look the best.

Blackjack Deposit Bonus

An online blackjack deposit bonus is a bonus that can be made available to both new and existing players. Although not all, most blackjack welcome bonuses are deposit bonuses. To get an online blackjack deposit bonus, you will need to deposit a certain amount of money into your casino account to get rewards such as bonus blackjack credits and free play.

Blackjack Sticky Bonus

A sticky blackjack bonus is when casinos choose to give you money to place bets on your favourite blackjack games. However, you are not allowed to cash this money out; you need to play it on blackjack games.

You can keep any and all winnings made after deducting the sticky bonus value given to you. An example of this would be if you received a sticky bonus of ₹10,000, and with that, you win ₹50,000, you will only be able to cash out ₹40,000.

Live Blackjack Bonus

This blackjack bonus is for players interested in live dealer casino gameplay. Casino players can use a live casino bonus to play live blackjack games and withdraw their winnings afterward. This bonus is not very common, so check to confirm that your preferred online casino offers live games in its game lobby and a live blackjack bonus for you to use in the gameplay.

Online Blackjack Variants ✨

  • European blackjack | This online casino blackjack variant is played with 2 card decks.
  • American blackjack | Online American blackjack is played with 6 to 8 card decks. You can place the insurance side bet and split hands when you have matching cards.
  • Caribbean 21 blackjack | If you want to win this variant, you must score 2 cards of 10 and an ace.
  • Five-hand blackjack | This blackjack casino variant is played with 5 hands.
  • Super Fun 21 blackjack | You’re allowed to split your hand up 4 times. A hand with 6 cards is worth 20 and wins.
  • Progressive blackjack | Looking for online blackjack side bets? This is your chance.
  • Match Play 21 blackjack | Get bonuses for 10 cards chosen in the online blackjack game.
  • Single deck blackjack | This speaks for itself, no?
  • Blackjack Switch | This variant allows you to play and switch with two hands.
  • Face Up 21 blackjack | The dealer has to show all its cards

How to Play Blackjack Online Free 🆓

Are you looking to play blackjack online free in your preferred casino site? There is no real way to play real money online blackjack games for free. However, most online casinos offer a demo version for players to learn the gameplay with ease before they deposit any funds to play.

You can play these casino games; the casino offers players virtual money to use in the gameplay, giving them a chance to perfect their strategies ahead of the real game. This is a great way to practice your online casino blackjack gameplay; however, this option is not available for live blackjack gameplay; you can only play demo games with the automated RNG version. This is because live games require some money before you can start playing.

Play Blackjack on Your Mobile Device📱

With the way technology has been evolving, you can now play blackjack online for money on your mobile device! Online blackjack gambling can be done right in the comfort of your home, in a coffee shop or even during a car ride – so long as you have a stable internet connection!

Not all online casinos offer a mobile version, so you will need to research which only casino allows blackjack gambling, is mobile compatible. While most best online blackjack real money casino sites don’t offer a downloadable app, many have optimised their site to work just as well on a mobile browser.

When you play blackjack online real money on your mobile device, there are a few pointers you need to consider, some of which include:

  1. Can you comfortably play blackjack for money on a smaller screen?
  2. You should never save any of your passwords to the browser
  3. Never save your payment details – rather, re-enter them each time you make a deposit
  4. Never leave your phone unlocked or unattended at any point in time

Many blackjack online casinos allow players the chance to play demo games on their mobile devices. You can use any mobile device, whether iPhone, Android, or iPad, to play these games and learn the gameplay. However, you will not be able to withdraw any money from your gameplay.

Blackjack Casinos that Offer Reliable Customer Support🧑‍💻

Best Blackjack sites indiaThere comes a time in every blackjack player’s life when the need will arise to contact customer support for some or other reason. Before trying to contact them, it is advised to head over to the blackjack online casino’s FAQ section first to see if any of your questions can be answered.

If the FAQ section proves to be unhelpful, you’ll have to resort to contacting customer support. There are a few online casinos that only provide you with an email address, which results in you having to wait for answers.

To get instant assistance when you require it, it is advisable to play at a blackjack gambling online casino site that offers live chat support. This option is quicker, giving you quick access to efficiency, especially if it is 24/7 live support.

Our Overall Thoughts on Playing Blackjack Online🤔

Blackjack is a great game of strategy for anyone who enjoys their table and card games. While blackjack might seem simple, there’s more to it than people think. One must follow multiple strategies to make the most of their game.

Ultimately, Blackjack gambling is fun, especially when you hit that 21! What’s more, you get the choice to play against a live dealer, so you get a real feel for playing at a brick-and-mortar casino in the comfort of your own home.

Apart from the fun aspects of blackjack for real money, you will need to do your research before committing to anything. Read through all the terms and conditions and fine prints to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

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