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Playing Keno online is a fun and easy way to get your adrenaline pumping, and especially if you like lottery-type games you can play whenever you want. Just pick your numbers, wait for the game to start and cross your fingers that you’ll get lucky!

Keno is a game for everyone, regardless of age and previous experience, and it is growing in popularity, discover why. We have listed the best keno casinos available in India, plus a handy guide with tips for how to play. 

Best Keno Casino Sites in India 💻

Many think of keno as a game their grandmother used to play every day in front of the TV, and it is easy to overlook this classic! Now that online casinos in India have become as popular as they are, Keno is no longer a game only for seniors—it is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day no matter who you are.

To get the most out of your Keno gambling, you need to make sure you pick a casino or keno gambling site that meets your needs in terms of variety and reliability. We wanted to make this easier for you, and we set out to compare casinos to help you find the best casinos for Keno enthusiasts.

Are you ready to start playing a game that can generate jackpots of up to 200,000 x your original bet? There is a lot more to Keno than you might think, and we are about to show you why.

Number Casino Rating Bonus Freespins Info Play Now
1 Jackpot Guru Review ₹1,00,000 Bonus 20 Freespins Play Now
2 Parimatch Review ₹1,05,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
3 FizzSlots Review ₹50,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
4 Bons Review ₹2,00,000 Bonus 200 Freespins Play Now
5 Bigwinner Review ₹1,00,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
6 HappiStar Casino ₹80,000 Bonus 30 Freespins Play Now
7 Jeetcity Review ₹70,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
8 10Cric Review ₹60,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
9 Casino Days Review ₹100,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
10 Betway Review ₹60,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
11 Leovegas Review ₹80,000 Bonus 100 Freespins Play Now
12 Royal Panda Review ₹1,00,000 Bonus 10 Freespins Play Now

18+ | T&C's Apply | Responsible Gambling is advised. Gambling is an entertainment form that comes with a considerable risk of losing your money. Never play with more than you can afford to lose.

Online Keno Casino Sites

How to Play Keno Online 😊

Keno can be found at the best online casinos in India, but we recommend that you double-check before signing up for an online casino. Keno games can be found in its own category, and you can find them by heading over to the casino games tab.

Some casinos allow you to play in demo mode without creating an account and with no need for a deposit, and this is a great way to practice if you are new to Keno! However, you can’t win real money when you play Keno for free, and you need to sign up before you can start playing for real.

Keno is a very simple game built on a basic principle—predicting the winning numbers. There is no way to actually predict what numbers will be drawn, and your guess will be as good as anyone else’s—making Keno a great game for beginners.

Signing Up At A Keno Casino

If you already have an account at a keno casino, then you are ready to start playing right away! If not, have a look at our suggested casinos to see if you can find one you like, and then you can go on and locate the ‘Signup’ or ‘Create an Account’ button.

Here is a quick guide to signing up at a keno casino:

Keno Rules

A keno game board usually has 80 numbers, and it is up to you which numbers to play. At an online casino, 20 numbers will be drawn and you win depending on whether you have chosen the right numbers. You choose your numbers (usually 10), but you can’t control the outcome as the drawn numbers are drawn using a random number generator.

The first step is knowing how to play. Keno is not too different from bingo and lottery games, but in Keno you pick out individual numbers instead of a whole number card like in bingo. Once the winning numbers are drawn, the goal is to have guessed as many numbers right as possible.

The more numbers you get right, the more you win, but the total prize pot also depends on how many other players got as many numbers right. Yes, it is really that simple. The simplicity of the game has likely contributed to its popularity. While it is a game of chance, you still feel like you have control thanks to getting to choose the numbers yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions About Keno Casinos

🎱 How many numbers can I choose in Keno?

In traditional Keno, 20 numbers are called out and you can choose up to 10 numbers to place your bets on.

🎰 Is there a difference between live Keno and video Keno?

In video Keno, the numbers are called out by a computerised system, and you often play against a computer. In live Keno, on the other hand, you play with real players and a real dealer via webcam or chat.

❓ What is an online Keno casino?

An online Keno casino is a web-based casino that offers one or multiple Keno games, or an online casino dedicated entirely to Keno.

🕵 Can you predict the numbers in Keno?

There is no way to predict the numbers as online casinos use Random Number Generators to keep the game fair and reliable.

🇮🇳 Are Keno casinos legal in India?

Due to Indian gambling laws, you can only play legally at off-shore (foreign) casinos. Luckily, most (if not all) online casinos are based outside the country and are therefore completely legal to use.

🤑 What is the best Keno casino strategy?

There are no strategies as the game is 100% random with no way of anticipating its outcome. You can, however, use bankroll management strategies to strategically manage your losses.

🔔 Do I need a casino account to play Keno online?

While Keno is available at some No Account casinos, most online Keno casinos still require you to sign up for an account before you can play.

🤔 Who can play at Keno casinos?

Anyone of legal age can play at a Keno casino, and it is a great game for both beginners and experienced players.

Winning At Keno 🏆

To win the biggest jackpots and prices, you need to get all 10 numbers right. You would need a lot of luck to achieve this and it doesn’t happen often, but the good news is that you can also win on fewer numbers. The numbers are usually called spots in keno.

The more numbers you get right, the more likely you are to win big, but the amount will also depend on how much you bet and how many others chose the same numbers.

Keno Bankroll Management

You may not be able to influence the outcome, but you can choose to play smart. When you make a bet on keno, base your second bet on the outcome of the first game. This means that you should start out with a low bet, and if you win—raise it a little. Then, if you lose, lower the bet and keep adjusting the bet depending on how the game goes.

The History of Keno 🎱

In the 1840s, the game of Keno was brought to the United States from China, and while originally known as ‘Chinese lottery’, it quickly gained in popularity and spread across the world. The original game had symbols instead of numbers, and interestingly, the game in its current form remains immensely popular today.

Is It Legal To Play Keno Online In India? 🇮🇳

India has some interesting gambling rules that prevent many games from being offered within India, but this doesn’t generally affect online gamblers. The thing here is that it is legal to gamble and play Keno at any casino located outside of India, which tends to be the case with most (if not all) online casinos.

This means it is completely legal for you to play all your favourite Keno games at online casinos also when living in India or being an Indian national.

Different Keno Versions 📱

For the untrained eye, keno might seem like a game you could get tired of, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! The adrenaline you feel when the winning numbers are presented compares to few other things, and as if it wasn’t enough—there are different Keno versions!

The classic version has a total of 20 numbers drawn, meaning you have 20 opportunities to get one of your chosen numbers. Pick 10 or two numbers and expect a big payout if you manage to match all 10 numbers.

In live Keno, you don’t play against a computer, but with real players. Numbers are drawn or generated by a live dealer, which makes the experience much closer to the way Keno was played before online casinos came around.

Try a Keno game where you can add a multiplier of 1.5x to 10x to every game. These multipliers are selected at random before every draw.

If you are getting tired of classic Keno but still want to keep the same concept, why not try keno with exciting themes? By visually changing it up, it will be almost like playing a new game whenever you log into your favourite casino.

Instead of playing with just one card, you get the opportunity to choose up to 20 cards per game! This increases your chances to win, and all cards have the same number choices and bets.

A progressive Keno games work just like a progressive slot, where every bet players make will increase the total jackpot. The jackpot continues to grow until someone wins, and these jackpots are sometimes enough to make you a millionaire.

Bonus Keno Casino 🎯

Everyone wants to get the most out of their gambling, and Keno players are no exception! Most casinos offer welcome bonuses, and they can often be used also when playing games like Keno! Bonus offers can be cash matching bonuses, where you get your deposit doubled, tripled or more, or even free rounds on your favourite Keno games!

It is important to know that even the best casino bonuses almost always have wagering requirements, which means you have to fulfil certain terms before you can withdraw any potential winnings from your casino account.

Keno Casino Security 👮

Online casinos have very high standards when it comes to security, and this includes casinos that offer Keno games. Your personal information is protected by SSL encryption to prevent anyone from illegally accessing it, and when making payments, you are also protected by the security measures of your chosen payment method.

Keno is a game of chance, and all our recommended casinos use Random Number Generators (RNG) to make sure you have a fair chance at winning, where no one (not even the casino itself) can predict the outcome of a game.

Rating Keno Casinos 🔍

Not all online casinos in India offer Keno at this point, but many do and it is a great game for gambling beginners! You need zero previous experience and the rules are simple and straightforward, yet it is not a game that tends to get boring.

Keno casinos also get plus points for being very accommodating, as Keno is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age (provided you are of legal age to play at an online gambling site), and that works well also on mobile devices and mobile casinos.

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