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You can say ‘Monopoly’ and anyone in the world knows what you are talking about. What about Monopoly Live at an online casino? Monopoly Live combines the live features with RNG controlled animations. Nostalgia guaranteed!

If you are looking for a slightly different online gambling experience, yet one that feels familiar in so many ways, then Monopoly might be right for you! Check out our comprehensive Monopoly Live guide below.

What is the Monopoly Live Casino Game? 🎲

Who doesn’t love Monopoly, or at the very least, love to hate Monopoly? It is a board game that is played all over the world, both by children and adults, and it is the perfect game to bring out on a rainy day. Monopoly Live is just the same—only better, where you watch a game host spin the wheel and follow Mr. Monopoly along an animated board packed with exciting prizes.

Classic Concept Meets Modern Technology

Monopoly Live is a revolutionary casino game from Evolution Gaming, which is based on one of the most popular board games in the world. They have taken a classic concept and given it a new and fresh twist, and it is considered an updated version of another Evolution Gaming casino game—Dream Catcher.

A Hasbro Partnership

The basics of this game revolves around a wheel just like in a Wheel of Fortune game, but it is far from all that there is! Evolution Gaming has partnered with Hasbro—the company behind the original board game—to make Monopoly Live a one-of-a-kind gambling experience suited for both beginners and experienced players.

Live Casino Combined with RNG

Live casino games are played live via high-definition webcams, but Monopoly Live doesn’t stop there! Part of the game has all your typical live features, with a real game host who spins a wheel and keeps players motivated, but then it also has a part that is controlled by a Random Number Generator, just like a slot machine.

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18+ | T&C's Apply | Responsible Gambling is advised. Gambling is an entertainment form that comes with a considerable risk of losing your money. Never play with more than you can afford to lose.

Monopoly Live Casino India

How to Play Monopoly Live 🤔

It is extremely easy to get going with a Monopoly Live game, and especially considering how beginner-friendly it is and how little knowledge and skill is required in order to play. If this is your first time, we have put together a quick how-to guide.

1. Find an Online Casino

Monopoly Live is a live casino game, and the first step is to find a casino that offers the game as part of their game catalogue. You can double-check this in the catalogue on the casino website before going through the hassle of creating an account.

If you are struggling to choose a casino, just check so that they have Monopoly Live, but also other games you can play to switch things up if you get bored.

2. Register for an Account

There are two different casino types where the account registration may work a little differently. First, we have the classic online casino where you register for an account, fill in your basic details, verify your email address and then go on to verify your identity and home address by uploading supporting documentation.

The other type is a casino without verification, or no account casino which it is also known as, where you use a much simpler method to sign in. Most of these casinos use Trustly, which is currently unavailable in India, but we still chose to include this tip for Indian players living abroad in a country where no account casinos may be more common.

3. Make a Deposit

Deposits for playing Monopoly Live can be made using any payment method offered by the casino, and e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill tend to be popular options. Many online casinos offer welcome bonuses to new players which are usually activated when you make your first deposit but keep in mind that these can rarely be used for live casino games.

4. Locate the Game

The game is most likely found under the ‘live casino’ tab unless the casino happens to have its own tab for online casino game shows. Any casino that features Evolution Gaming live casino games should have this in their catalogue, as it is one of their absolute most popular live games both in India and abroad.

5. Place your Bet

A smaller bet means you might be able to play more rounds without running out, but the size of your bet also affects how much you can win, with a larger bet making you eligible for a bigger win. It is up to you how much you want to bet when playing Monopoly Live, but many players start small and adjust their bet depending on how they do in the game.

6. Spin the Wheel

The game show host is shown via a live stream and spins the wheel (similar to the Wheel of Fortune) when you click the start button. The host tends to be a woman but the game could also be hosted by a man, and your action puts the wheel into motion

The wheel has differently coloured fields separated by small nubs there to eventually stop the triangular flipper that will then point at a specific colour or symbol. There are three bonus symbols: Rolls 2, Rolls 4 and Chance, and where you land will determine what happens next in the game.

7. Keep an Eye Out for Bonuses.

The bonus symbols are what can get you a big and impressive win! If you land on Rolls 2, you will be moved to a virtual game board where you get to roll two dice two times. The outcome determines how far on the board Mr. Monopoly gets, and he then picks up amazing prizes along the way. The symbol Rolls 4 lets you roll the dice four times,

Chance is also a great symbol to come across when you play Monopoly Live, as it earns you an instant cash prize or useful multipliers to multiply your wins.

8. Follow Mr. Monopoly Across the Game Board.

The game board is where you will recognise the old table game the most, as there are plenty of familiar symbols such as hotels, the horse, money bills, Super Tax and jail! This part of the game is controlled by a Random Number Generator, to make sure the outcome of the game is completely random, fair and impossible to predict.

9. Collect Your Prizes.

Any winnings earned while playing Monopoly Live are instantly added to your casino account, and you can use the money to play a few extra rounds, play a different game or withdraw the money right away or as fast as the casino in question will allow.


Frequently Asked Questions About Monopoly Live

💻 Where to Find Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live is available at many online casinos in India and worldwide, and you find the game among the live casino games.

💳 Can You Play Monopoly Live for Free?

If you want to play Monopoly Live for free, look for a casino that lets you play in demo mode! Demo mode means you play for “pretend” without making a deposit, but you also can’t win any real money.

🔍 How Much Can You Win on Monopoly Live?

How much you win depends on how much you bet, but Monopoly Live can have an RTP of up to 96,23%.

💵 Is Monopoly Live a Good Game for Beginners?

Monopoly Live is a great game for beginners, as it is simple enough to get the hang of right away, without becoming boring.

🇮🇳 Is Monopoly Live Legal in India?

Being a casino game, it would still be considered illegal for someone to host these types of games in a large part of India, but since most online casinos are located off-shore, it is perfectly legal for Indian gamblers to play.

🔔 Does Monopoly Live Use RNG?

Monopoly Live is a hybrid game with both a live game show host and RNG.

🎁 Can I Use a Welcome Bonus to Play Monopoly Live?

Some online casinos might have bonuses for live games, but this is something you need to verify first as it is common for welcome bonuses to be for slots or even specific slots.

👩🏻 Is Monopoly Live a Game Show Casino Game?

Yes, Monopoly Live falls under the Game Show category, as it starts with a game show host spinning a wheel.

Online Casino Monopoly Live Bets 🎯

You place your bets before or right after the wheel starts spinning, but keep in mind that once the game starts, you only have 12 additional seconds to place your bets before the betting option locks. There are 6 betting options available, and these are displayed as Monopoly money bills in different colours.

The betting options available are as follows: You can either bet on one of the four numbers, or you can place your bet on one of the bonus symbols. Ask yourself what you think the wheel will stop at and place your bets accordingly.

Numbers are Multipliers

The flipper is a triangularly shaped “stopper” designed to slow down the speed of the wheel until it eventually comes to a halt, and whatever symbol the flipper then points to wins. If it stops on a number, you get your original bet back plus the bet multiplied with the number the flipper points to.

Bonus Symbols

If you bet on a bonus symbol and that’s where the wheel stops, then you are in for a fun ride! The graphics of this game are incredible and very true to the original board game, and here it is the game mascot—Mr. Monopoly, takes you along a virtual game board full of prize options and chances to win!

The bonus symbols can also give you multipliers, and how much you win depends fully on how big of a bet you made at the beginning of the game.

Monopoly Live Casino Game Payout 🎰

The best possible payout percentage you can get from Monopoly Live is an RTP of 96,23%, which would be if your betting was on point and properly calculated. The absolute lowest Monopoly Live percentage is RTP 91.30%, which isn’t bad either! The overall payout percentage for this game is very similar to most slot payout percentages.

To make this a little more approachable and easy to understand; The bonus symbol 2 Rolls comes with a 3 in 54 chance to win, while the 4 Rolls symbol comes in at a 1 in 54 chance.

Strategies Online Casino Monopoly Live 🚨

With these types of game show casino games, there is no way to actually affect the outcome, and whether you win or lose depends entirely on chance. It uses both a human game host and RNG to ensure 100% fairness in all games, but this also means there is no room for applying strategies.

Bankroll Management

While not a strategy that affects the outcome, bankroll management is something worth learning when you want to gamble in a way that minimises your losses. Decide how much you get to spend per gambling session, and make sure you never go over budget.

Many experienced gamblers play for 10-15% of their casino account balance, and if they lose it, they quit playing for a while to make sure there is always money left for next time. It can be harder than it sounds to quit playing while there is still money left of your latest deposit, but it is a method proven to prevent a situation where you lose everything at once.

Monopoly Live Casino Bonus 💰

The three bonus slots on the Monopoly Live wheel are great for someone who wants a more exciting and visually stimulating game show casino game, and it offers the player multiple chances to win big. These bonuses are available to everyone who plays Monopoly Live, and your chances to win are affected by how you place your bets.

If you are looking for other online casino bonus offers, you might be in for a bit of a disappointment. Monopoly Live is classified as a live casino game, and most welcome bonuses given out by casinos are only eligible for slots and table games.

Cashback bonuses or returning player bonuses, on the other hand, are good options for someone who wants to play Monopoly Live with bonus earnings, but keep in mind that some bonuses come with wagering requirements that could affect your total winnings.

Note that since Monopoly live is a live casino game, you will need to look for live casino bonuses, to make sure that you can use the promotion for your game.

An Ideal Casino Game Show for Beginners 📱

Monopoly Live is a simple casino game that doesn’t feel simple, and the graphics together with the bonus games do an excellent job at bringing a classic board game to life. All you need to do is to click the start button and place your bets, and the rest happens automatically!

It is not a coincidence that this Evolution Gaming game show has become such an international hit, and its popularity has grown also in India. It is an ideal game for someone who doesn’t want to have to think too much, but still play a stimulating game with great opportunities to win, or for someone who is new to casino gambling.

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