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With the rise of online casinos, it’s only natural that online video poker would follow suit. A unique combination of both poker and slots, online video poker casino games are the result of both. 

With online video poker becoming more popular, new variants of the game were created to keep the premise of poker fresh and exciting. Classic video poker to multi-hand variants, the different versions available also add to the wide tastes that players may have, so it is a sure thing that you will find a version that suits you!

Everything About Video Poker Online

After picking a video poker game type, most players will stick to it for a while to learn the ins and outs. This way you’ll learn the good hands and strategies to use when playing it to become a pro and know when to fold and when to bet. Being well versed in one game, will, in turn, keep you informed and ready to adapt to another!

With all the options freely available to any aspiring online video poker play today, it is just about finding the right casino and game that caters to your tastes. Here we will be going through what video poker is and what to look out for in your hunt to find the perfect online casino and understand the game to its fullest!

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18+ | T&C's Apply | Responsible Gambling is advised. Gambling is an entertainment form that comes with a considerable risk of losing your money. Never play with more than you can afford to lose.

Online Video Poker Casino

The Best Video Poker Casinos Available in India♠️

Picking the best video poker casino can be quite a difficult task to do, but with the vast amounts of casinos available, we’re sure there are many options to suit your needs! Although there are many casinos offering a video poker casino game, be sure to check whether or not they are legally run, fully licensed and cater to your specific needs before registering on their website!

Where Should You Play Online Casino Videopoker🔍

Video poker games are available on numerous online casinos, though this makes it tricky to choose the right one for you! Availability and bonuses can be a deal-breaker to most prospective users, as this can impact your whole experience at an online casino. When choosing a video poker casino online, there are some questions you should keep in mind, such as:

With these questions in mind, there are quite a few casinos that offer up enough features and will definitely satisfy your needs! It’s up to you to find the right one for you. Now start searching and you might just have the luck of the cards with you!

FAQ 🙋‍♀️

Frequently asked Questions About Video Poker

🔍 Where can I play video poker for real money?

You can play casino video poker online for real money at most online casinos, just be sure to check whether the casino is licensed as well as the online gambling laws in your region.


🎡 Do normal poker strategies work for video poker?

Yes, they do! Video poker has the same gameplay as normal poker, the only difference being the instant gameplay and results.


🆓 Can you play video poker for free?

Yes, you can. Video poker has free options on many online casinos. See our Can You Play Video Poker for Free section for further details.


🤑 How do you win at online video poker?

Winning comes down to getting a lucky draw and having a good hand. As you play, you will pick up strategies and learn the winning hands.


🎰 Is video poker better than slots?

Video poker is sort of a mixture between traditional poker and slots as is. They are two different games, slots are based on luck and poker is based on skill and knowing the game.


📊 Is video poker rigged?

This depends on what online casino you play at. Playing at a reputable online casino will ensure you that every game is as fair as can be and will be regulated by fair random number generators.


💭 How does video poker work?

Video poker and normal poker follow the same principles. You are handed 5 cards out of 52 and must choose to discard or bet. See our How to Play Online Video Poker section for more details.


💡 What are the odds for online video poker?

Odds vary from casino to casino and game to game, most casinos have paytables available so you can choose the right game for you. See our Odds of Online Casino Video Poker for more details. 


What is a Video Poker Online Casino?💡

Online casino video poker is a modern spin on a classic game. Video poker follows the same rules and playstyle as the traditional in-person game where you play with 52 cards, but with a catch. You don’t play against other people, thus you have no opponents. The online video poker game is purely luck of the draw and all about knowing how good your hand is. So make sure you learn the ins and outs and you’ll be on your way to winning in no time!

How to Play Online Video Poker📖

Casino video poker, just like regular online poker, is played with 52 cards. You are handed 5 cards, of which you may discard to draw other cards to replace them. That means that you can change the odds of winning by keeping the best cards and discarding the rest. Although this allows you to better your chances of winning, there’s still a chance that you may get cards that aren’t beneficial to you so learning what hand you have will help you maximise your odds. After drawing, you can place a bet and press the deal button and wait to see if you have won anything. To help you get started we’ve provided a few steps on how to get started at an online video poker casino.

  1. Find a fully licensed online poker casino
  2. Create a casino account by providing the required personal details
  3. Make a deposit using whatever method you feel most comfortable with
  4. Navigate to the videopoker casino online section and play to your heart’s content!

Nowadays it’s also possible to play online video poker on your smartphone, through the use of your web browser and your favourite online casino, or the numerous casino apps available to you on either android or IOS. With these, all you need to do is register on the app, add your funds, navigate to the play section, choose a game and start playing!

Betting in Online Video Poker💰

Bets for online casino video poker can either be classed as credits or coins. Starting bets can range from one to five coins/credits and can be increased as you continue the game by upping your bet with the bet/wager button on the game screen. By betting more in video poker, you are also more likely to win more if you have a good hand!

Playing Video Poker for real money 💵

Video poker online offers a faster-paced play style versus its in-person counterpart, no waiting on other players to make bets or decide what they would like to do, just instant results as soon as you have drawn cards and discarded what you would like. Video poker at an online casino offers bonuses for signing up in most cases and won’t disappoint with other promotions for new and returning players.

Although video poker is faster than the traditional version, don’t be too hasty and make a mistake while playing, you can take your time and think your options through before discarding cards and betting.

Online Video Poker Payouts 🤑

Casino video poker online, as with slots, has a return to player (RTP) percentage. To be on the safer side while playing video poker online, finding a video poker game with a higher than usual RTP would be the most beneficial to newer players as you learn the ropes. With this being said, you should pay attention to the payout percentages for the game you are keen to play and stick to those that offer the highest payouts.

Tips for Playing Video Poker 📺

As with any sort of poker at a poker site, online video poker follows more or less the same strategy and shares many of the same tips! The first major tip is to start off playing free online video poker variants, this will help you to get a general feel for the type of video poker games you are interested in, build a good strategy and help you learn the best methods to play.

The next tip for online video poker for real money is to memorize and/or have a list of good hands available in poker. This will help you even the odds and choose which cards to keep and which to discard when playing, which is the main strategy for poker. With this, it’s good to focus on good hands for specific games, so part two of this tip is to stick to one game at the start and master it!

Online Video Poker Casino Bonuses💰

Bonuses vary from casino to casino, though there are quite a few that offer a bonus for their online video poker! These bonuses can range from free spins and deposit matches to no deposit bonuses and cashback offers for new and returning players. These bonuses can then be used to start your journey to winning at online video poker casinos!

Can You Play Video Poker for Free?🆓

Video casino poker is fun and exhilarating, though with chance thrown into the mix it may be hard to get a feel for how the game runs. Luckily there are a few online casinos that offer the chance to play free casino video poker with no fear of loss or risk of playing against the odds! Through the inclusion of free online video poker in many online casinos, you get the chance to test your knowledge as well as develop a strategy for the game while getting a hands-on experience absolutely free! No need to worry about losing money from the get-go.

Odds of Online Casino Video Poker🔥

Almost every online video poker casino will have a pay table readily available to anyone that is interested in playing a specific game. This gives you an advantage by allowing you to see what hand combination will be better on a game and allows you to see which game available will be better to play in terms of the payout.

Being a mixture of slots and poker, the odds are not as random as with slots and can be assumed in many cases. With pay tables in online video poker for real money, you can assume which cards you should keep, what return you will get from the investment you made, the value of the had you have and much more.

Our Conclusion of Video Poker💭

Online casino video poker is definitely an interesting mix of slots and poker, which adds the thrill of instant results and strategy of both games respectively. Whether you have an amazing signup bonus available to you, are searching for a new game or looking for a new adrenalin rush, video poker has many options at the ready for everyone and anyone!

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