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Enjoy Fan Tan's particular mystique! This is a top-notch online rendition of the traditional and widely-travelled Asian bead chance game. It is live and real in every way. 

The game Evolution Fan Tan is incredibly gorgeous and easy to play. Beyond the seeming simplicity, there is a wide range of additional bets that add to the excitement and intrigue of this traditional game.

What is Fan Tan?🤷

Over the years, Fan-Tan Evolution has become more and more well-known, and today you can find Fan Tan in many Asian casinos. Thanks to its unconventional use of a pitcher, wand, and white buttons in comparison to other casino mainstays, it provides a distinctive gaming experience.

How to play this game is explained in the guide that follows. Additionally, it explains the house’s advantage, strategy, and other crucial information.

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18+ | T&C's Apply | Responsible Gambling is advised. Gambling is an entertainment form that comes with a considerable risk of losing your money. Never play with more than you can afford to lose.

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How to Play Fan Tan🤩

fan tan casinos The purpose of Fan Tan Live is to determine how many beads there will be in the total collection. It’s possible to use 1, 2, 3, or 4 beads. Cash rewards are given to those who accurately guessed the sum total of beads. All beads are pulled back under the glass dome when the round is over. When the next round begins, the same procedure is repeated. Evolution Gaming’s regular mode allows you to play and enjoy Fan Tan Live.

The fan tan game has an RTP of 98.75%. As a result, it is superior to many of Evolution’s newest game shows. With such a significant RTP, it rates casino games like baccarat and blackjack. Fan Tan Live even has a lower house edge than the popular live casino game European Roulette.


Frequently Asked Questions About Fan Tan Game

🔢How many players are able to play Fan Tan online?

The Evolution Fan Tan live game can be played by an infinite number of participants. It just so happens to be one of the most well-liked live games at Indian online casinos.

🪄What is the wand called in the Fan Tan game?

Sorting sticks are what are used to arrange the Fan Tan beads.

🤑Are there any Fan Tan casino bonuses?

Yes, the majority of online casinos in India do offer some sort of bonus for their players.

🤩Can I play Fan Tan online for free?

Yes, you will be able to play Fan Tan online for free. Go check out our Fan Tan Free Game section.

🤷‍♀️What is Fan Tan?

Fan Tan is an online casino game played with beans, a sorting stick and a cup. Go look at the section in this article called What is Fan Tan?

🤔How can I play Fan Tan online?

Firstly you must log into your preferred online casino in India, register with them, and fill in the required information. Make a deposit, scroll in the gaming library for Fan Tan and start playing.

📜Are there any strategies in the Fan Tan casino game?

There isn’t much you can do to win in Fan Tan Live; it’s a game of luck. However, if you give your investments significant thought, you may create a plan that gives you greater control. You can also go look at Fan Tan Strategy in this article.

🔒Is it safe to play online Fan Tan in India?

Absolutely. Safe gaming environments can be found at the vast majority of online casinos in India, so the answer is yes.

Fan Tan Betting Options🗒️

Players in standard mode have a choice of three different bet types. Predicting the number of beads left is the main wager, often known as a Fan Bet. Choose the amount that matches how many beads you anticipate remaining. You succeed if you select the winning number.

Players can also wager on whether there will be a large or small number of beads at the end. If there are three or four beads, there are large winnings. If there are only one or two beads, there are small gains. Odd or even bets aim to predict whether there will be an odd or even number of beads. Odd prevails if there are odd numbers of beads 1 or 3. Even wins if there are 2 or 4 beads in the game.

Betting options Description
Fan Bet A fan bet is when you wager on the precise number of beads still remaining.
Big or Small BetWhen you place a bet on a big or small number you think will win.
Odds or Evens BetWhen you place a bet on whether you think the outcome will result in an odd or even number winning.
Nim Bet Similar to a fan bet, but covers two numbers as opposed to just one. When the first number comes up, you win, and when the second number counts as a push and get your initial wager back.
Kwok BetKwok bet is comparable to Nim be. You choose two numbers, and the reward is half of the Nim bet if both numbers are successful.
Sheh-sam-hong betIf any one of the three numbers you bet on comes up, you win. You lose if none appear.

Online Fan Tan Rules📝

Fan Tan is a well-known player vs house game played online. You will have a variety of betting alternatives. You may add chips to them by placing them in front of you and announce your wager or bets. The layout isn’t all that different from the Sic Bo online table game.

The host will first gather a few handfuls of beads and put them in an opaque cup. The dealer or host will disclose the beads after you have placed your wagers and start to tally them out while using a sorting stick or sorting stick to organise the beads into groupings of four.

Where Can I Play Fan Tan Online?✨

Luckily for you, there are a lot of highly rated and reviewed online casinos in India for you to play the exciting game of Fan Tan in India.

You will be able to access the Fan Tan on your mobile device, laptop, or even your tablet. Log into any Fan Tan Casino, and download the casino app of the chosen online casino site. Register with the Fan Tan Casino, fill in all the required information, and start playing the exciting game of Fan Tan.

Playing Fan Tan Game Online💻

Chinese immigrant workers popularised fan-tan, with Chinese origins that date back at least 2,000 years.

Asia has enjoyed playing Fan Tan, an old Chinese game that is based on luck, for tens of thousands of years. This classic game has evolved into an entertaining and engaging online form so that people like you and I may play it regardless of where we’re at.

Live Dealer Fan Tan🎬

Live fan tan in comparison to other alternative online live games accessible in India, is quite uncomplicated to play, and there aren’t many betting alternatives.

To ascertain how many beads will be in the final group, Fan Tan Live is conducted. One, two, three, or four beads may be used.

  • Before Fan Tan Live’s next round of betting begins, you will have thirteen seconds to make your wager, according to a countdown timer that signals betting has begun.
  • The croupier scatters a number of beads over a pitcher shortly after the betting is finished. For the next round, the remaining pieces are collected Dome-shaped in glass and put in the table corner.
  • The beads are then spread about the table by the croupier after the cup has been removed to reveal them. The beads are then repeatedly separated into lines of four using a sorting stick.
  • There will always be one, two, three, or four beads in the last line of beads. The beads will be relocated to the middle of that table so that everyone can view them. You had to anticipate the sum total of the small white beads in the final row accurately to win.

When playing live Fan Tan at a live casino you can select from a straightforward selection of wagers in the standard view, or from a more intricate selection in the Advanced View. Begin with the standard View to acquire a feel for the game, then you will be able to move to a more advanced view after you understand how it operates better

Types of Fan Tan Live Bets✨

There are normally eight betting options available in the default Fan Tan live game, which include:

Fan Bet One, two, three, or four
Big Bet Three or four
Small Bet One or two
 Odd Bet One or three
Even Bet Two or four

All the standard bets and a lot more are available in the Fan Tan Live Advanced as follows:

Fan Tan Evolution Gaming 🧑‍💻

Fully integrated live casino systems are developed, produced, marketed, and licensed by Evolution to gaming operators. The products are subsequently marketed to the end consumers by the gaming providers.

Fan Tan is among the newest live dealer game categories Evolution Gaming has been developing to meet players’ growing demand in the Asian market. Even though they weren’t the first company to offer live fan tan in an online live casino, Evolution Gaming did develop the most feature-rich game, which is available at the finest Evolution live casinos.

Fan Tan Strategy☝️

Fan Tan Live is an online game of luck, there isn’t much you can do to win in terms of strategies However, by carefully considering your investments, you can develop a game plan that provides you more influence over your finances and their longevity. It just depends; some gamblers prefer to go for the railings, while others prefer to accumulate a string of incremental victories over time.

  • Play Nim Bets | Nim bets provide you with the option of choosing two numbers and come with some installed assurance. Because the chances are better and you’ll get your capital returned if your second bet wins, we prefer Nim bets to Kwok bets.
  • Hedge bets | Although fan bets are riskier, they offer the highest reward of any Fan Tan Live wager. Put half of your wager half on an Odd or Even number and the other half on a single number or a big or small bet to boost your chances of winning.
  • Learn about the statistics and wagers | Be observant of what transpired during earlier Fan Tan Live rounds. See if any numbers consistently outperform other numbers. Do even or odd numbers appear more frequently? Try to identify a trend using the information offered in the online game, then put your bets in accordance.

Fan Tan Tricks🤯

This straightforward yet sophisticated game is challenging to stay away from. As a result, players frequently go crazy and end up committing certain common errors. We have your back, though. Here are a few tricks to remember.

  1. Before playing this game of chance make sure you understand how it works.

  2. Make sure you set aside a gaming budget for Fan Tan and stick to it.

  3. One of the best tricks is to never gamble under the influence of alcohol.

  4. The best of all is to never chase your losses.

Fan Tan Free Game🆓

We do advise you to first play the Fan Tan game from any Fan Tan casino for free on the demo mode. Just to make sure you get to know the rules and how the game is played. Once you are confident enough to play for real money, go ahead and start your adventure of great potential wins.

Fan Tan Card Gard | A Variant of Fan Tan🎲

Fan Tan online in India Each player’s turn must include at least one card play; if they are unable to do so, they must place one chip into the pot and the turn moves to the left. If one player discards every card, the game is over. The loser receives the pot, and each opponent adds one chip for each card still in their hand.

Our Fan Tan Casino Conclusion🤔

The main purpose of the Fan Tan game is to get individuals together for a single session of gameplay. This is accomplished through the Fan Tan live version. Although the outcome of the game depends on each player’s fortune and chance, it nonetheless provides all players with the necessary adrenaline rush.

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