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Casino tournaments are exactly that – tournaments that brick and mortar casinos host for various games. As the popularity increased, online casinos jumped on the wagon and now offer a wide variety of tournament games and offers.

A key factor that draws players in is the prize money. In most land-based casinos you will find that poker is the go-to type of tournament. The more players there are in a tournament, the higher the prize money. This is a win-win situation!

What Is An Online Casino Tournament?💰

Online casinos differ from standard casinos, as they will generally offer video slot tournaments. Tournaments are run during a set period of time, and the player who wins the most during that time will receive either additional prize money or free spins – these they can use on whichever game they prefer.

Anyone wishing to participate in a poker tournament will need to pay a deposit or a buy-in amount. This amount is then converted into chips for them to start gaming with. Players are offered one more top-up purchase in order to add to their chips, which takes place later in the game.

It’s important to note that these chips can’t be cashed in like normal chips, as these are used specifically for the tournament. As players leave the tournament, either by running out of chips or folding, they leave any remaining chips at the table.

Any players left in the last hand who have chips in front of them will be awarded a portion of the funds allocated for the prize money. Money is always divided out according to the rules of the casino and the tournament being played.

As there are so many options to choose from, players will quickly be able to find an online tournament that they can join and enjoy!

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10 Paripesa Casino ₹1,30,000 Bonus 150 Freespins Play Now
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18+ | T&C's Apply | Responsible Gambling is advised. Gambling is an entertainment form that comes with a considerable risk of losing your money. Never play with more than you can afford to lose.

Online Casino Tournament India

Where Can I Play Casino Tournaments?🃏

All players have a preference for which games they like to play, and the casinos know this. In order to attract more players, casinos have developed different methods to draw in players.

Keeping this in mind, and remembering that tournaments can be very different, we have a few simple things to keep in mind when choosing your tournament:

– Tournament games: only play the games you know and enjoy.

– Size matters: Make sure the 1st prize is a big one.

– Large prize pool: Super extra bonuses are amazing rewards.

– Check your schedule against the times of the tournament.

– What are their terms and conditions?

– Is there a minimum deposit amount required?

You can very easily find an online tournament as they are so popular. Make sure to double-check the rules of the state in India that you live in, as the rules around gambling differ from state to state.

If you have the all-clear, then simply choose your favourite from our top list above and have fun!


Frequently Asked Questions About Online Casino Tournaments

❓Why do online casinos have tournaments or races?

Tournaments and races help casinos bring in more players, with the offer of amazing prizes and giveaways. Generally, the more people who participate in a casino, the greater the prize pool – making this a great win-win scenario for casinos and players alike.

🏁What are the benefits of placing on a casino leaderboard?

When playing in a tournament it is always good to be able to see who the top players are. Casino leaderboards will say, in order, who the winners are – they also include information such as which games they played and their prize amount. Trying to rank early is always a good strategy, as it makes staying in the lead easier.

✅What is ROI?

An ROI (Return On Investment) is a short calculation that works out a player’s profit at the end of the game. This is calculated by adding the winnings and subtracting all entry fees and buy-ins.

♦️What kinds of games can you play in online casino tournaments?

Any game that the casino wants to add to the tournament roster! As there are no rules around what games you can and can’t play, all games are up for grabs. Check out the most popular casino tournaments and games.

🤔Can you win real money in a casino tournament?

Absolutely yes! And not only can you win real casino money, but a lot of casino tournaments also offer the following as prizes or rewards for playing:

  Free spins

  Reward points

  Extra deposit credit

Make sure to look at the casino’s rules and regulations to see what the offers are.

⁉️Do you have to be rich to play in a casino tournament?

Absolutely not! Casinos have such a wide variety of tournaments that you can choose from, which are suited to every player’s pocket.

🎰Are there extra costs to play in a tournament?

Not necessarily no. Some casinos require a small fee to participate, there are some casinos that offer players to join without paying this fee. This is called a Freeroll. It is always advised to confirm all of this before putting money into a game.

🕵How can I join an online casino tournament?

Firstly, make sure that your preferred online casino hosts tournaments. Once you have confirmed that they do, look on their home page for a Promotions or Tournaments Page. Read through all the terms and conditions, and once you are happy simply opt in and pay any tournament joining fees. Check out more in the section, How Do Casino Tournaments Work?


Other Online Casino Tournaments And Games👌

Not only limited to video slots, but online casinos also offer tournaments in the following amazing games as well:




Casino Hold’em


Poker and Video Poker

All The Choices, All The Fun

We may have already mentioned this, but it’s important to remind players that there are as many different kinds of tournaments out there, as there are casinos.

Listing every available casino tournament will be a daunting task, but we have instead compiled a list of the most common types of tournaments available to players.

The below are some of the tournament types that you will see most readily available across online casinos in India.

But Wait, There Is Another One to Add To The List

How Do Casino Tournaments Work?💡

Casino tournaments will always focus on one game, which is why there is very often more than one tournament running at the same time. Players can either play in a video slots tournament or a poker tournament, but you are only allowed to play in one tournament at a time – so make sure to check your schedule for conflicts.

Once you have paid your entry fee to the tournament, you then receive your allocated amount of chips. Depending on the game, you can then use these chips to start playing – the aim is to always have more chips than your competitor, as this means that you are winning!

What’s more, these tournaments have something called a Freeroll – this is when there is no entry fee. Freerolls are found mainly in land-based casinos, but you do find them occasionally online.

Casino Tournaments in India💥

Casino tournaments in India are under the same laws and regulations as all other gambling activities. Each state in India has their own laws and regulations, and therefore we always advise each player to look at their local laws.

If you are ever unclear, then all casino sites will have customer support who are able to assist you with confirmation.

The top three casino tournaments in India are:

– Weekly races

– Casino tournaments run weekly

– Exciting casino tournaments

The Most Popular Online Casino Tournaments🎇

Online casino tournaments are very popular, which means you will never be wanting for a game. Casinos know that not every game will suit every player, so there is always a variety. Below we have made a list of the best and most popular online casino tournaments for you to review:

Payment Methods For Playing Casino Tournaments💸

The payment methods used for playing in online casino tournaments is the same as with any other casino game.

There are four main types of payment methods used in online casinos, and we list them here below:

– Credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Indian Bank are to name a few.

– E-wallets: PhonePe, Paytm, Google Pay, PayPal.

Bank Transfer or Netbanking

– Deposits: Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter.

We always suggest reviewing the casino site you are interested in to see which payment methods they accept.

Casinos don’t all have the same options, and some of them have minimum requirements around the withdrawal and deposit amounts. Always make sure that gambling is legal in your state.

Casino Tournament Bonuses and Promotions🤑

When used properly, online casino bonuses and promotions are a great way to get more out of your gaming experience. Casinos use promotions and bonuses to increase the traffic to their website and make very appealing offers to players. Generally, online casinos will have a web page dedicated solely to their bonuses, promotions and offers.

Promotions are generally time-sensitive, but they can be very lucrative!

Below we list the most common promotions that online casinos offer:

– Prize draws

– Slots tournaments

– Game specific promotions: online poker bonus, andar bahar bonus, blackjack bonus and more!

– Cash Drops

Casino bonus

Free spins

VIP And Loyal Players

Loyal players will oftentimes have VIP status, and they are entitled to VIP casino bonuses that other players can’t partake in.

There is normally a lot of work that goes into becoming a VIP player, however, VIP loyalty schemes have their own unique bonuses and promotions.

Some of the perks of being a VIP member, besides exclusive invitations to VIP casino tournaments include:

– Faster withdrawals (within 24 hours or immediately after)

– Higher table limits

– Dedicated account manager

– Invitations to hospitality events

– Milestone gifts (such as anniversary or birthday)

Casino promotions are occasional and free bonuses that can be claimed by both new and existing players alike. These are normally very rare, but include offers such as:

– Free tickets or entries

– No deposit bonus

– Free spins with no deposit

The Pros and Cons of Casino Game Tournaments🧐

Still not certain if a casino game tournament is for you?

Look at our list below to see the pros and cons of playing in a casino tournament:

Casino Tournaments Pros:

Casino Tournaments Cons:

Our Tournament Casino Conclusion🤓

Casino tournaments are a fun and relatively low-cost way to enter the world of gambling. Without needing much skill, it means that you are able to pick up tricks and tips from other players, without needing to invest too much to join.

If played correctly, casino tournaments will always be a fun and positive experience.

With online casinos generally offering 24/7 customer support, as well as multiple payment methods, fun bonuses and promotions, the option to play on your mobile phone as well as PC or laptop, online gaming have really stepped up their game (no pun intended!).

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